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The Jewelry design for the 21st century

Tucked away in one of the many narrow alleyways in Bourj Hammoud is Ralph Rizk’s jewelry prototype 3D printing store. While the 3D Matrix and Diamond office space appears small and unimpressive, the technological work that gets done there cuts the jewelry manufacturing time by more than half and increases the precision in the end

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Number crunching the first quarter

At a time when the observation of global banking remains as interesting as ever, the first quarter of 2015 has seen Lebanese banks stay their course, at least as far as growth of profits of the country’s six publicly listed banks, which between them reported over $279 million in net profits for the period that

Greg Demarque | Executive

Family heirlooms

Jewelry making has long been an artisanal tradition in Beirut’s working class suburb of Bourj Hammoud. Clustered together near the Beirut River, many of these businesses stretch back generations. After mingling with gallerists and shopkeepers dotted around the bustling Armenian neighbourhood of Bourj Hammoud – and taking a quick detour for a shawarma sujuk, a

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Working with and against financial sanctions

It has never been easier to be branded a financial pariah. You wake up one morning and when you check your correspondence you find that you have been given the ominous title of “specially designated national” (SDN) by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) at the United States Department of the Treasury. This designation

Greg Demarque | Executive

Saving money one sunbeam at a time

The problem could not have been more standard: how can ABC’s department store in Ashrafieh reduce overhead to maximize profits? In 2012, the company began doing some research on electricity consumption with an energy audit. A solution soon followed: use that glowing orb which gives us life. In June, the department store went solar –


The evolving role of ‘design’ in the world of today

For many years, the term ‘design’ in the world of business referred mainly to the aesthetics of a product. Today, ‘design’ has become a concept which represents much more than just a drawing; it has come to reflect the outline of the brand identity, which understands every aspect of a company and its interaction with

Greg Demarque | Executive

MEAB injects a bit of youth to its boardroom

Their corporate narrative is what Wikipedia might call “a stub”, or an article in need of expansion. But when Middle East and Africa Bank (MEAB) implement an interactive timeline in the history section of its online identity, the months of June and July 2015 will carry pivotal content. Within the space of 10 days starting

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Building socially responsible corporate cultures

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) largely refers to the responsibility of an organization — whether it be a corporation, a governmental body or a nonprofit organization — to its stakeholder, the wider society and environment. The mainstream view is that organizations, as ‘corporate citizens,’ ought to be accountable to and responsible for the consequences of their

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Design of the times

When you walk into a communications agency in Beirut, you know it. Dark wood paneling and bookshelves lined up with tomes in historic succession, a vault with a time lock on every floor, picture after picture of lovely high rises, or a garage-door-sized executive desk in mahogany. Think law office, bank headquarters, property developer, or

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Lebanon’s doppelgänger

Imagine a country with a mix of ancient and modern cultures and religions, and 6000 years of history. Imagine a country where women and men are equally educated, and where technology and innovation combine. Imagine a country with some of the highest Human Development Indicators (HDI) in the region but with a labor potential that

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Taking a step back is actually the way forward

When I first moved to New York City, I did what everyone else does upon arrival; I looked up. I took in the instantly recognizable skyline, but I still could not understand what made the city so extraordinary. It was only when I began discovering the underground scenes that I finally recognized its sources of

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Beirut restaurants adapt for Ramadan

Ramadan and the Hospitality Industry The holy month of Ramadan has a significant economic impact on the hospitality industry, in terms of both hotels as well as food and beverages (F&B) venues. This impact can be either positive or negative, with some venues seeing an increase in footfall and others a sharp decrease. Executive sat

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A matter of perspective

During a long, wide-ranging exit interview, departing UK Ambassador Tom Fletcher tells Executive and other journalists that over the past four years, the British government has increased 100-fold the assistance it provides to Lebanon, from GBP 2 million per year to GBP 200 million. The massive increase in aid money was triggered by the Syrian

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Sharing Lebanon’s artisanal treasures with the world

Challenging economic times have left Lebanon’s smaller manufacturers in a precarious situation, with few potential customers in the local market and a lack of government support beyond a few free zones and tax breaks for exports, meaning foreign markets are difficult to reach. Enter UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), which has launched a pilot

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It’s vacation time!

The summer season, when schools are off for two months and productivity at work slows down, is usually seen as the best time to leave one’s home country for a well-deserved break and discover new cities around the globe. Whether booked independently through airline search engines or planned as an all-inclusive package through travel agencies,