The team behind Myki (Greg Demarque | Executive)

Locking up the key

Identity protection is a huge and ever growing need in the knowledge economy. Ki, which was initially conceived as a hardware authentication token for password storage by its founders Priscilla Elora Sharuk and Antoine Jebara, is a Lebanese solution for identity protection. Executive caught up with Sharuk to see how the startup has progressed since

Antoine Saab and Nadia Moussouni (Greg Demarque | Executive)

Sharp Minds

Antoine Saab and Nadia Moussouni are the entrepreneurs behind Energy24, a power storage solution which they claim is suited to solving the most challenging electricity supply problems. Since being recognized as a Top 20 entrepreneurial company by  Executive in 2014, their company Sharp Minds has added a solar energy component to its electricity storage product.

Company founder Tamim Akiki (right), deputy chief executive Amani Kandil (center), and chief information officer Mario Gaudet  (left)

(Greg Demarque | Executive)

Economena Analytics

There is a tremendous link between what Lebanon needs in terms of information, transparency and planning, and what improved data can help deliver. In this context, Executive followed up on developments at Beirut-based data services provider, Economena Analytics, with company founder Tamim Akiki and deputy chief executive Amani Kandil. E   What has happened with

Simon Hardenne

Tech entrepreneurs update

When hiking through an aging natural forest, did you ever accidentally burst your foot through an old log and see the wood fibers crumble while bugs and worms scuttle away into the moss or wiggle around your hiking boot? That is a moment to not only gaze at the young shoots, but also appreciate the


A stroll through the ecosystem

The most common ecosystem disturbances are fast and furious. Earthquakes. Floods. Fires. Not so Circular 331. The initiative by Banque du Liban (BDL), Lebanon’s central bank, provided a long-awaited capital injection into the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. But it’s a disturbance more akin to climate change than a meteor strike. Organisms long part of the ecosystem

Policies of the People's Bank of China have the world's attention | AFP

Money talk

Financial markets have rallied significantly from mid-February to mid-March, supported by several events including, but not limited to, the G20 summit, the Chinese National People’s Congress meeting, the expansion of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) quantitative easing and the Federal Open Market Committee’s March session being more dovish than expected.  So what’s next for global

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What lies beneath

Lebanon has missed several opportunities to grow its nascent oil and gas industry at an ideal pace, but now regional developments threaten not just further delays, but also permanent losses unless the country acts to protect its national interests. The new urgency stems primarily from two principal events. The first was last summer’s discovery of

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Education is key

No woman should have to take it. Sexual harassment is one of the many prevalent issues Lebanon has yet to solve. Not only is it not reprimanded by the Penal Code, but sexual harassment is the product of socially reproduced gender discrimination indoctrinated through education or lack thereof, so much so that it has become

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Prosecution of sexual harassment in Lebanon: in limbo

Disclaimer: This article and its content do not disregard the fact that women are not the only victims of sexual harassment. Any person, male, female, transgender or other, can be subjected to harassment and has the right to be protected, irrespective of that person’s gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, beliefs, nationality, political views or

Head of Lebanon's Special Investigation  Commission, Abdul Hafez Mansour | Greg DeMarque

Up to standard

With the mid-April implementation of the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act (HIFPA), signed into United States law in December 2015, Executive inquires whether Lebanese financial institutions face an increased level of American scrutiny. The new law places liability on any financial institution, not just Lebanese banks, if they were to knowingly facilitate financial transactions connected

Extra! Extra!

After 200 months of continuous publication, we at the Executive editorial team could fill a whole book with the stories behind our stories and with lists of our own favorite issues, articles, covers, photos and illustrations. More important than what we think, however, is what our readers think. You, after all, are the reason we

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The good old days

Love him or hate him, Rafik Hariri had a skill set that worked for Lebanon. He was good at amalgamating the competing interests of Lebanon’s various groups and defending this country on the international stage with a unified vision of what Lebanon was and where it was heading. He also had foreign connections he could

Lebanon's woefully understaffed embassy in Washington | CC by 2.0

Spinning circles

Lebanon is in a sticky situation. The Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act (HIFPA), a United States law targeting Hezbollah, places Lebanon between Hezbollah and a loaded gun. It is the latest fire encroaching on the Lebanese economic house and comes on top of domestic catastrophes, such as the garbage and political crises, as well as