Michel Aoun and Samir Geagea have both been touted as potential Presidents

Neither Geagea nor Aoun can heal Lebanon

In modern economies, governments should have two fundamental priorities. The first is to decrease unemployment and the second is to develop the country’s human resources in order for citizens to become more efficient and valuable, thus contributing to growth. One of the prerequisites of this is a healthy population, well-served by their healthcare system. Clearly,

Hackathon crowd

Lessons from the Valley

In January, co-founders Louay Kadri and Walid Singer of Lebanese online crowd ticketing platform Presella went to Silicon Valley as the first batch of startups that took part in the Progress In Technology Middle East (PITME)’s month-long acceleration program. The PITME program organizes a jam-packed schedule for entrepreneurs to meet with mentors in Silicon Valley

Mental health issues in Lebanon are a major concern

Mind over matter

One in four people in Lebanon suffer from at least one mental health issue in their lifetime. This figure was among the findings of the latest comprehensive scientific study, by doctors Elie Karam et al, published in 2006 by the scientific journal Lancet. It places mental disorders among the most common health problems in Lebanon.

Dubai's Real Estate is a kaleidoscope of change

Dubai’s housing market – avoiding another bubble

The Dubai property market has experienced a rollercoaster ride in the last six years. After growth skyrocketed in 2006, Dubai became the envy of the world as the likes of David Beckham and Hollywood stars invested heavily in high-end luxury projects with prices comparable to New York and London. The housing market reached its peak

Motor Insurance in Lebanon is growing

Motor insurance sector faces roadblocks

One would have expected insurance companies to jump for joy when the parliament passed the 2012 Traffic Law, extending the current third party liability (TPL) for bodily injury to also cover material damage. This would undoubtedly give insurance companies the chance to increase their market in compulsory motor insurance. At Q4 2013, turnover for motor

Clemenceau Medical Center is among Lebanon's most famous

Cutting edge healthcare in Lebanon

Not every hospital has a valet service, a five-star hotel feel and state-of-the-art technology. To continue attracting local and regional patients through its lobby — with a large piano in the center — and into the care of its physicians, Beirut-based Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC) has been upgrading its services despite the challenging economic environment.


Healthcare technology: A Lebanese success story

Lebanon’s economy and its healthcare sector may be struggling with a crisis, but private diagnostic centers and laboratories are doing just fine.  Facilitated by the fact that there is no legal limit to their number per population density, and relative ease with which they can apply for a license, these centers have multiplied in recent

Baalbeck Festival is to return to the Bekaa

Baalbeck Festival ‘to return home’

The last couple of years have been tough for Lebanese tourism, and one of the areas hardest hit is certainly Baalbeck. The town, home to the most famous and stunning Roman ruins in the country, is located just a few kilometers from the Syrian border. As the Bekaa Valley region has become increasingly lawless and

Roadie (4)

From Beirut to Shenzhen

“We were really amazed by how fast things can move,” says co-founder of Band Industries Hassane Slaibi. Their first product, Roadie Tuner, a device that tunes guitars automatically by placing it on the guitar pegs, is due for distribution in June. After having gone through an acceleration program in Shenzhen, China, at hardware startup accelerator Haxlr8r, the

Elie Nasnas is general manager of AXA Middle East

‘The insurance industry needs more women’

Elie Nasnas is the general manager of AXA Middle East, a Beirut-based insurer affiliated with the leading global insurance brand, AXA. He is also the newest member of the invitation-only MENA Insurance CEO Club, a regional club which is a voice of advocacy on behalf of the insurance industry in the Middle East and North

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres in Lebanon

Syria’s refugees: Lower the drawbridge

When the top representatives of the world’s international bodies arrived in Beirut last month, they had a clear message to convey. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres and Anthony Lake, the executive director of UNICEF, were desperate to urge people and governments to extend more help to the victims of the Syrian civil war.

Marcello Dell'Utri was arrested in Beirut on Saturday

The curious case of Marcello Dell’Utri

When an international arrest warrant was issued for Marcello Dell’Utri on Thursday, he could have been forgiven for not being too worried. The Italian politician – who for the past four decades has allegedly been the link between former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Sicilian mafia – had already arrived in Lebanon, a country

Insurance offers guarantees for cargo ships in dangerous regions

Trading in an unpredictable region

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has witnessed notable changes in the past few years. Beginning in 2008, the global financial crisis, followed by social and political instability, has badly affected several economies as well as caused significant disruptions in trade. This situation has triggered a surge in demand for credit risk protection

The Lebanese healthcare system is straining under pressure from Syrian refugees

Public healthcare on the brink

“I don’t know how no public hospitals have shut down until now. I am very surprised they are all still open.” So says Walid Ammar, director general of Lebanon’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) for the past two decades. He argues that the scale of the Syrian refugee influx in the past two years —