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Is Iran a real threat, or a paper tiger?

Is Iran a real threat, or a paper tiger?

Every which way you turn in Washington these days there is talk of war, all while the President George W. Bush is gearing up for a major Middle East peace conference this fall. Maybe the president is heeding the counsel of Vegetius of ancient Rome who said: “Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum,” or “whoever

Putin’s gambit

The Cuban missile crisis began in 1961 when the US started to deploy 15 Jupiter IRBM — intermediate-range ballistic missiles — in Turkey, close to the Soviet border. With a range of 1,500 miles and a flight time of about 16 minutes, the missiles threatened several cities — including Moscow. On October 14, 1962, photographs

‘Korea‘ solution means what?

Mark it down as yet another more miscalculation by President George W. Bush — one of a slew of political gaffes committed by his administration in conducting the war in Iraq. This time the error lies in miscalculating the length of time US soldiers and Marines would have to remain in Iraq. The grim reality

France enters new era

The night Nicolas Sarkozy celebrated his presidentialvictory over Socialist Party candidate Segolene Royal atFouquet’s on the Champs Elysee, some 6,000 kilometers away,President George W. Bush must have also been celebrating –albeit in a somewhat more modest manner. There is good reason to believe the American president musthave been relieved that Sarkozy, who has made no

Wolfowitz at the exit door?

So far this has not been a good year for President Bush.First, his plan to pacify Iraq by “surging” more Americantroops appears to have backfired. Since the surge beganIraqis have been dying in far greater numbers than everbefore, and terrorist bombings are claiming nearly 120 livesa day. And, U.S. casualties are increasing, adding pressurein Washington

Iraq needs its own Ataturk

Some months after the fall of Saddam Hussein, I found myselfin Kuwait sharing a taxi from the airport to my hotel withan Iraqi journalist who had just come from Baghdad to attendthe same conference. We talked about the situation in Iraq,the violence and how it should be dealt with. One of the first questions I

US presidential race heats up

For the first time since 1952—since Dwight D. Eisenhower was in the White House—neither the incumbent president nor his vice president is in the running for the top job in the country. George W. Bush will have served two terms, making him constitutionally ineligible, and Vice President Dick Cheney? Well, realistically, his chances of being

Abizaid: the Mad Arab who disagreed with the President

Gen. John P. Abizaid, the most senior military officer of Arab descent to serve in the US armed forces, disagreed with President Bush over the president’s Iraq strategy—and he is out. On Dec. 20, 2006, the Pentagon announced that Abizaid, an American of Lebanese origin, would step down from his position as Commander of CENTCOM

Regime Change in D.C.

Be careful what you wish for. President George W. Bush and his close circle of neoconservatives wanted regime change … and they got it. Okay, it was not exactly what they wished for. Bush had hoped for regime change in parts of the greater Middle East. Instead, it came to Washington, DC. As expected, the

Upping the ante on Syria

It’s been ten months since President George W. Bush signed the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act (SALSA) of 2003 into law, hoping to pressure Syria into adopting a more aggressive stance on terrorism, and withdraw its troops from Lebanon. However, the measures adopted by Washington vis-à-vis Damascus, which combine punitive economic sanctions with