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McKinsey’s uninspiring economic vision

McKinsey’s uninspiring economic vision

In January, Lebanon published McKinsey’s economic vision slides that were the result of government discussions in late 2017 on commission by the Ministry of Economy and Trade. The 1,274 slide show document was developed over the first half of 2018, and can be seen as an economic vision outsourced to the consulting firm with ownership

Economic roadmap

The Lebanese economy is on the verge of a meltdown. In an effort to trigger change, Executive has drafted an Economic Roadmap that will allow nation builders and stakeholders to contribute their ideas and expectations. By joining our movement to #executechange, you become an owner of the roadmap and will be part of the campaign to

Keeping lebanese wealth alive

The quest of trying to depict the 2018 outlook on investment opportunities from the Lebanese corner reminds in some respects of the almost 20-year old hit comedy on the American mob, Analyze This. As with the Robert de Niro and Billy Crystal pic, any move of international financial markets and any development on the political

October 2017

  EDITORIAL Licence to steal LEADERS Stalled progress Whatever taxes come next must be transparent A storm is coming The car industry braces for impact Quit clowning around Incompetence in the sector is no longer funny COVER STORY Tick tock Let the bidding commence Icing on the cake New oil and gas tax law completes

Le Gray Grows

Situated across from Martyr’s Square with a view of the mountains over the Mediterranean, Le Gray hotel has been a prominent structure in downtown Beirut’s landscape since it was founded in October 2009. Operated by Campbell Gray Hotels and a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, Le Gray Beirut is a luxury five

October 2016 table of contents

EDITORIAL Time to fight back LEADERS Making green affordable Health kick COVER STORY Meet the megas ECONOMICS & POLICY It’s not easy being green Selling a national oil company Preserving the heart of Mar Mikhael BANKING & FINANCE The twisted tale of the Lebanese Canadian Bank Rocky relations Negative interest rates The Gulf after oil

Executive Design Challenge August 2015

Are you passionate about initiating real change? Do you have ideas but don’t know how to translate them into action? If yes, enter Executive Magazine’s human-centered design challenge to win the exclusive chance to turn your idea into a reality!   The #ExecutiveDesignChallenge is based around the principle of human-centered design. We want you to

Lebanon’s grand plans for a new capital

A project to build a new capital city for the Republic of Lebanon has been initiated and LBP 1.5 trillion ($1 billion) has already been pledged for the master plan and the acquisition of land, representatives of the Friends of Open Lebanese Society organization and Dar Arab Youth, an affiliate of the Arab Legacy League, told

Cleisthenes, meet Ares

February marks the 10th anniversary of the Second Intifada’s conclusion. Since then, Israel has held three elections for its parliament, the Knesset, and been involved in at least four major military offenses — facts that some suggest are related. With today’s escalation along Lebanon’s southern border and Israeli elections due in March, we decided to see if

Beautiful video shows all the Gulf’s flights in one day

The rise of Dubai International Airport has been rather remarkable. Initially opened in the 1960s, it remained something of a relative backwater until the turn of the century. Yet in the 16 years since the launching of the second terminal in 1998, the airport’s growth – like the United Arab Emirates’ in general – has