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Business briefing: 15 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy US Secretary of State John Kerry called on Monday for a peace conference on Syria "very soon" but said peace would not be possible without a transition government to replace President Bashar al-Assad. More from Reuters   The United Arab Emirates, OPEC’s fourth-largest crude producer, is investing in nuclear power, renewable energy

Business briefing: 11 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy Lebanon may not get sufficient funds from the donor states to cope with the huge influx of Syrian refugees to the country, caretaker Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi has said. More from The Daily Star   OPEC further lowered the forecast demand for its crude in the fourth quarter and 2014, and said

Business briefing: 10 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy Hamas is struggling to meet its payroll in the Gaza Strip, where income from taxes has been badly hit since neighboring Egypt started destroying a network of tunnels used to smuggle food, fuel and weapons into the Islamist-run enclave. More from Reuters   War and sanctions are taking an increasing toll on Syria’s

Business briefing: 9 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy A leading company has said that international oil firms were not willing to explore for gas in the disputed territorial waters with Israel until the demarcation of this area was completed and voiced support for auctioning off all of Lebanon’s 10 blocks to the bidding companies. More from The Daily Star Turkey

Business briefing: 8 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy Cairo is hoping to start announcing details of its investment programme for this fiscal year later this month and Gulf Arab countries have agreed to provide additional financial support, a senior minister said. More from Reuters   Lebanon's automotive sector is doing surprisingly well in the current economic environment, up 4.33 percent

Business briefing: 7 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has increased its forecast economic growth for the GCC to 4.4 percent in 2014. More from Arabian Business   Some 2,000 jobless Moroccans have marched through the capital demanding the government sort out the nation's unemployment. More from Associated Press   Kuwait believes an oil price of

Business briefing: 4 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy A prolonged US federal government shutdown could delay military assistance to Israel and other American allies, the State Department has said. More from Reuters   Saudi Arabia has cancelled its annual address at the UN General Assembly in an unprecedented move in protest against its handling of major issues in the Muslim

Business briefing: 3 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy The first phase of the onshore oil and gas survey started Tuesday in the Batroun region amid expectations that Lebanon might be sitting on considerable gas wealth in some areas. More from Daily Star Iran is preparing a politically risky increase in domestic fuel prices, trying to ease the burden of multibillion-dollar

Business briefing: 2 Oct 2013

Economics and Policy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday dismissed a charm offensive by Iran's new president as a ruse concocted by a "wolf in sheep's clothing," and declared that Israel was ready to stand alone to deny Tehran an atomic weapon. More from Reuters   Egypt’s economy will only grow 2.6 percent in