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Stars Communications' Verdun branch

A world connected (to the US government)

A world connected (to the US government)

Last month the United States Treasury Department singled out local company Stars Group Holding for alleged ties to Hezbollah, adding the company, several subsidiaries and associated individuals to its ‘specially designated nationals’ (SDN) list. As part of its accusation, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said that these entities operate as a procurement front,

Higher regulation

The legal framework governing real estate in Lebanon is convoluted. While several administrative bodies are tasked with applying the multiple laws and decrees that outline regulations for real estate projects in the country, the sector is guided by no strategic vision. Regulations are either favorable to developers or riddled with loopholes. Frequent changes in the

Experts on oil and gas met at the École Supérieure des Affaires in Beirut in May

Between vision and mirage

An air of frustration hung over last month’s oil and gas conference at the École Supérieure des Affaires. “It is clear that there is no plan,” vented an industry leader who wished not to be named, referring to the government’s lack of a publicly articulated roadmap for the sector. Political hurdles have slowed progress on

Can Bassil go it alone?

On January 8, caretaker Minister of Energy and Water Gebran Bassil again delayed the first licensing round for offshore oil and gas exploration ­— perhaps the biggest hope for Lebanon’s static economy. The reason was the same as the two previous times it had been delayed since September — two decrees need to be signed

Educating the oil and gas generation

The emerging oil and gas industry in Lebanon may have hit a few speed bumps recently, but that hasn’t stopped the country’s universities from starting to think about the industry’s potential. Lebanon’s universities have always graduated students into the oil and gas professions but they are beginning to recognize the demand for specialized programs that

‘Our films are more honest’

The film “Conflict 1949 – 1979” tells the story of director Josef Kalüf’s bid to discover his father’s role in the Lebanese civil war and was screened this weekend at the Beirut International Film Festival. Executive caught up with the film’s producer Bahaa Khaddaj to discuss the film and the Lebanese movie industry.   Your