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Dolly’s: A Lebanese ketchup with American taste

Dolly’s: A Lebanese ketchup with American taste

There’s a joke from the classic cult film Pulp Fiction: “Three tomatoes are walking down the street – a papa tomato, a mama tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Papa tomato gets angry, goes back to the baby tomato, and squishes him…and says, ketchup.” It’s the champion of condiments, and

Drawing production power from the sun

For any manufacturer, a reliable and affordable source of electricity is a necessity. This summer, Technica, a regional leader in the building of automated end of line solutions – machines that prepare already assembled products for shipping – switched on its new photovoltaic (PV) panels. This, says Strategy Manager Cynthia Abdul Khater, is a first

Beirut River Solar Snake turned on

Last month’s heat wave saw near record highs in temperature and heat indices across Lebanon, causing rolling blackouts on top of the regular scheduled electricity cuts in Beirut. Amid the power shortage comes 1 megawatt of good news – the Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS), a photovoltaic system spanning the Beirut River, has been switched

Renewing the Source

It was at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009 that Lebanon committed itself to generate 12% of total energy from renewables by the year 2020. An electricity whitepaper from 2010 laid out the plan, and the government has made incremental headway toward generating electricity from renewables, particularly in capturing the sun’s rays. Pierre Khoury, director

ACID pushes forward in a stumbling market

If wayfinding alone were any indication of architectural and industrial design prowess, then Karim Chaya would definitely top the list of Lebanon’s finest. Navigating Lebanon’s chaotic thoroughfares often requires steely resolve, and the signs guiding hapless drivers to Chaya’s Debayeh factory do more than just provide direction. They offer a first clue to his design

Amatoury’s Design for the Future

Zig zagging through the gentrified neighborhood of Furn el Hayek under a glaring Beirut sun,  Executive found itself on a quest for furniture design nirvana, and maybe a cold glass of water. Searching out the gallery of Georges Amatoury was the mission of the day and, after sneaking a peek at his collection of furniture

Turning a passion into a business

Beirutis often think that Gemmayze is solely a place to relax or catch a late night drink after a long day at the office. But if revellers walked around this affluent Achrafieh residential district during daylight hours, they would find one of Lebanon’s finest custom furniture designers tucked away in the back streets of the

Mixing oil and insurance

Not even a political shutdown of the oil and gas file can discourage Lebanese insurers from preparing for this industry — they, after all, do know a thing or two about risk. But as local insurers gathered at a June conference to discuss the finer points of oil and gas indemnity, a lack of consensus

Church and state

Earlier this year, Executive started an investigation into an expansion project at the Port of Beirut (POB) aimed at enhancing capabilities and readying Lebanon’s primary port for future competition. The plan was to create a multi-purpose terminal — at a cost of $129 million — building a new quay to accommodate larger seafaring vessels and

Striking a balance

“This law is a step aimed at achieving justice, and after 30 years without a law this step has become necessary and inevitable,” said MP Robert Ghanem, chair of the Parliament’s Administration and Justice Committee, according to the minutes of April’s rent law meeting. The committee had met to amend the law after the Constitutional