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Brgr. Co – Beefing up a classic

"We are not just a counter hamburger restaurant. We are a gourmet hamburger restaurant. That’s our niche.” With these words, Nadim Hammoud, chief executive of Par Contre, the founding company of Brgr. Co, summarizes the philosophy behind a burger joint that has been one of the country’s most successful since its 2010 launch in Ashrafieh.

High-end boating stays afloat

The sight of a glittering yacht gliding smoothly across the Mediterranean is one that inevitably draws quite a few admiring stares from onlookers, and is regarded as a lavish indulgence afforded only by those with a considerably high income. In Lebanon, such a sight is rather rare as only 80 of the 2,000 boats docked

Not your grandpa’s TV

Television has come a long way since it was introduced to the masses in the 1930s. Originating with the humble black and white 15-inch screens encased in heavy wooden cabinets and producing grainy images, some of today’s TVs boast 85-inch screens, ultra slimness and images that compete with reality.  In 1936, only 200 televisions sets

A summer of serenity

When it comes to planning an extravagant vacation, it seems to be more and more about the family. The latest report by the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) revealed a global growth in the multi-generational, family luxury travel market. The Lebanese are no exception; Nakhal, a Lebanese travel agency, told Executive that more than 60

Beirut Design Week: The attraction of creativity

What do a building, a billboard ad, a handbag and a website have in common? They all had a designer involved in their production.  Despite its wide scope — ranging from fashion to graphic design and from animation to architecture — and its integration in almost all businesses, the creative industry is undervalued in Lebanon

Turning heritage into profit

A short walk in practically any area in Beirut — be it Hamra, Gemmayze, Zuqaq Al Blat or Ashrafieh — leaves one in awe at the neck-breaking speed at which Beirut’s urban structure is changing. High rises cast shadows on what is left of buildings dating back to the French and Ottoman mandate, and even

Beirut’s ghost town

Maarad Street hasn’t looked this vacant since 2000. Here, in restored downtown Beirut, is where luxury retail, dining and living should meet. At lunch time, the roads should be filled with business executives from multinational companies taking their guests out for a bite. But a reality check in June reveals shy footfalls for the upscale

A lack of credit

Whether for the season’s latest couture, that fancy dinner or more significant bills such as our children’s school tuition, plastic cards are popping out of our wallets three times more frequently than they did five years ago. According to Banque du Liban (BDL), Lebanon’s central bank, there are 600,000 credit cards and more than 1

Flying to the bank

Just in time for the peak travel season, Banque Libano Francaise (BLF) yesterday launched a cobranded credit card in an exclusive partnership with Air France-KLM. The European airline group is the first to partner with a local Lebanese bank, with clients automatically getting air miles when they use the card. BLF said they perceived the