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Interview with Ziad Hayek, Secretary General of the High Council of Privatization and PPP

Interview with Ziad Hayek, Secretary General of the High Council of Privatization and PPP

One observation that the World Bank’s latest economic monitor publication for the Middle East and North Africa conveyed to its faithful readers was that the internet infrastructure in MENA countries needs to be brought up to speed in order to facilitate better transitions into the digital economy. Published in early October, the monitor highlighted the

12 new Lebanese startups

In previous years, attending a startup demo day in Beirut—where hopeful graduates of accelerator programs present their projects and pitch for recognition and financial investments—tended to require a will to smile politely and some tolerance for boredom. But in September and October of this year, demo days and startup competitions with Lebanese entrants—some held in

An interview with Bookwitty chief executive Cyril Hadji-Thomas

To understand as much as possible about the inside perspective and mindset related to the first high-profile  failure of a Lebanese startup, Executive sat down with Cyril Hadji-Thomas, the stakeholder at the heart of Bookwitty. E  We heard many things when investigating this case. Among them, allegations that a large number of subsidiaries had been

Entrepreneurship and the digital economy in Lebanon

When making the rounds through the Beirut Digital District (BDD) to assess how Lebanon’s entrepreneurship system is developing, there is a lot to observe. Over the past five years, there have been several exercises—usually with significant self-promotion and marketing—to map this emerging system in all its components. Invariably, such exercises seemed incomplete by the time

A short conversation about how to prepare for the unknown

Farid Chehab is known for his innovative mind, having developed fresh advertising concepts throughout his career as a director of international ad agency Leo Burnett. Today, as honorary chairman and advisor to the board of Leo Burnett Beirut, Chehab appears to be more curious than ever about new concepts. Executive sat down with him to