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The biggest startup bankruptcy since Circular 331

The biggest startup bankruptcy since Circular 331

It may have all started six years ago, with the zone of low air pressure that moved westward over the Atlantic, encountering large amounts of relatively warm water in the middle of nowhere. The resulting tropical cyclone became known as Hurricane Sandy and caused havoc in eight countries in the Americas, taking more than 230

Entrepreneurship and the digital economy in Lebanon

When making the rounds through the Beirut Digital District (BDD) to assess how Lebanon’s entrepreneurship system is developing, there is a lot to observe. Over the past five years, there have been several exercises—usually with significant self-promotion and marketing—to map this emerging system in all its components. Invariably, such exercises seemed incomplete by the time

A short conversation about how to prepare for the unknown

Farid Chehab is known for his innovative mind, having developed fresh advertising concepts throughout his career as a director of international ad agency Leo Burnett. Today, as honorary chairman and advisor to the board of Leo Burnett Beirut, Chehab appears to be more curious than ever about new concepts. Executive sat down with him to

The impact of the refugee crisis on the Lebanese healthcare system

Many column inches have been dedicated to the Syrian conflict and the resultant refugee crisis, the  impact of which has been particularly felt in neighboring countries like Lebanon. Less acknowledged but deserving of recognition is the shocking reality that Lebanon’s healthcare system has performed with surprising efficacy in coping with this crisis. The much-maligned and

A look into Lebanon’s healthcare

Health encapsulates economic activity that amounts to trillions of dollars by the—in this context crude—methodology of collating production of goods and services as gross domestic product (GDP). The Global Health Observatory of the World Health Organization (WHO) puts the world’s expenditure on health at $7.2 trillion (2015 estimate), or 10 percent of the world’s GDP.