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Interview with a public servant

Interview with a public servant

As part of our quest for highlighting possible future avenues of progress in the Lebanese Republic, Executive discussed the issue and importance of the 2017 budget with Alain Bifani, director general at the Ministry of Finance. In the course of the interview, the general director also commented on the systemic aspects of the public administration’s

Putting meat on the skeleton of the state

Walking through the center of Beirut, Nejmeh Square, to the steps leading up to the Lebanese Ministry of Finance (MoF) is even more eerie today than it was 19 years ago. Back then, Downtown was still riddled with brokenness – with scarred streets and uninhabitable buildings that showed the results of the years of conflict.

Real risks and fake pathos

It is a funny thing with collective risk awareness. Human existence is full of perpetual risk, but our awareness of various risks differ. Even if different risks are equal in frequency and magnitude, some are perceived emotionally and with great and immediate personal involvement, while others only in intellectual terms, distanced from one’s existential core.

A frank, but hopeful, view

Executive spoke with German Ambassador Martin Huth to follow up on Germany’s aid commitment to Lebanon, the development of bilateral economic relations in 2016 and to chart expectations for 2017. E   How much of the money pledged in conferences in the beginning of the year did Germany contribute to humanitarian and development needs of

Freedom of insurance

The Lebanese insurance industry seems to be in need of new energy. Not only in terms of its objective to participate in the covers of the future oil and gas industry, but also in its fundamental development of company structures and legal infrastructure. With low growth in insurance premiums – some 4 percent in 2015

Excursion into Lebanese journalistic futures

Lebanon has a tradition of freedom of speech. This tradition finds expression in media freedom, intellectual discourse, academic debate and a general atmosphere or spirit that makes Beirut a regional capital of thought and center of attraction for far more people than just journalists and academics. This status is intangible; it cannot be expressed as

The eternal crisis

Make no mistake about it, it is not a new idea that media types are today’s variant of preachers. Whether they work in advertising or in news media, the profession features a whole gamut of prophets, proselytizers and missionaries. The message about this land according to Amos (the prophet, not the communications satellites) was that