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FYI Briefs – August

FYI Briefs – August

Paying the hospitals After much back-and-forth in the media, in mid-July an agreement was finally hammered out between the Syndicate of Hospitals and the various government entities and public employee groups that collectively owe almost LL500 billion in unpaid hospital bills. The terms of the deal stipulate that the hospitals

Regional perspective

ARAB COUNTRIES: Insurance Density and Insurance Penetration (SOURCE: Muhanna Foundation) This could be a very opportune time to take a good long look at the Middle Eastern insurance industry, where far-reaching changes are expected region-wide. On the static side of how things are, stand the numbers on territory, population and economic performance, in relation to

Slow hand

In late September, as the US Congress debated the Syria Accountability Act, a new cabinet was appointed in Syria. After Muhammad Mustapha Miro stepped down as prime minister, President Bashar Assad

Wining out

Massaya winery, which has played a major part in the renaissance of Lebanese wine, resigned from the Union Vinicole du Liban (UVL) last month. In a statement sent to UVL president Serge Hochar, Massaya co-owner Ramzi Ghosn said it was obvious that the interests of Massaya and UVL were irreconcilable and that the winery was

Nabatieh’s lost crusade

There is anger and disappointment in south Lebanon that a $62 million World Bank cultural heritage and urban development loan will not cover Beaufort Castle. The castle, a 12th century monument built during the Crusades, was used both by the PLO and Israel and its Lebanese allies as a strategic outpost during the war years

Q&A: Naji Boutros

Among globally active real estate funds, investment firm Colony Capital has made their mark after over 13 years of investing in real estate to the tune of almost $1 billion annually and managing equity capital on behalf of leading institutional investors. By identifying and buying real estate, real estate-dependent companies, distressed assets and non-performing loans,

Inflated optimism?

Lebanon loves Europe. From German cars to Italian clothes and French foods to Dutch beers, up to 60% of Lebanese non- oil imports come from Europe. Therefore, as the Euro soars to an all-time high against the dollar, it seems logical, even likely, that 2004 will be a year of high inflation. Two leading Lebanese

Hi, and bye

In July and August, a new resolutely apolitical lifestyle magazine called Hi hit the Lebanese newsstands. Available only in Arabic, the magazine featured stories on singers, student life, online matchmaking and other matters that the publishers hoped would appeal to youth in the Middle East. What made this product noteworthy was not so much its