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August rebound

August rebound

Lebanon’s traditional gush of summer season optimism has failed to shroud a painful reality – July was a bad month for the $1.5 billion-a-year tourism sector. Hotels, restaurants, and car rental agencies all acknowledged business was down significantly in July, compared to the same period last year. Industry insiders bemoaned, in particular, a relative paucity

FYI Briefs July

Less popular cruises? While 60 cruise ships dock at Beirut each summer only one, the Ausonia, takes on new passengers, and for three years now, Lebanese holidaymakers have signed up for the weeklong Greek island cruise, organized by the Cypriot company, Louis Cruise Lines. That was until this year, when prices went up by about

A hard choice

Viagra users in Lebanon will this month be presented with a choice: to continue using Viagra, whose impotence-combating effects last for a few hours, or to switch to Cialis, which lasts for a whopping 36. Cialis, a new anti-impotence drug produced by biotech firm Icos and marketed by US pharmaceutics powerhouse Eli Lilly

Forgotten festival?

Shopping month is upon us again. But this year it has come almost as a surprise. In mid-January there had still been no pre-festival publicity.

Collaborative effort for a good cause

The latest breast cancer awareness campaign has not only been extremely successful, it has also cost the government nothing. The campaign, estimated to cost around $200,000, was fully funded by the pharmaceutical company Roche, which also dipped into its pockets last year. But this time, with the backing of the government, Roche managed to get

Shopping as easy as ABC

Two major retail clusters are evolving in metropolitan Beirut just in time for the shopping season. Spinneys last month inaugurated its first hypermarket in Jnah, while the ABC Mall in Achrafieh is being readied for its scheduled grand opening with top political figures on November 29, and will start to admit shoppers early this month.

Not in a forgiving mood

Three years after American Kathryn Gustafson won the international competition to design the so-called Garden of Forgiveness in the downtown area, the first stage in the construction of the public park has finally seen the light. The garden