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A seasonal ‘flop’?

Despite the usual upbeat suggestions that tourism is on the up and up in Lebanon, the Arab World Trade and Tourism Exchange (AWTTE), held at the BIEL exhibition center from 16 to 19 September, was, in the words of one hotel marketing director who participated,

FYI Briefs – October

Welcome backSince September 1, the Lebanese authorities have again been allowing South Koreans to obtain visas upon arrival in Lebanon. The practice had been discontinued in November 2003, when the Lebanese government imposed visa restrictions on a number of countries. South Korean embassy officials declined to offer an explanation for their country

Without credit

The use of electronic payment cards in Lebanon and the region has grown rapidly in the past four years, according to statistics by Visa Card International. But with few exceptions, Middle Eastern markets remain debit card markets. Data provided by Visa International for the region in the period from March 1999 until March 2003 show

Licensed to sing

After having shown his face all over town to promote his first CD, fashion designer turned singer Elie Karam now has exposure he never dreamt of, putting him beyond the reach of less obscure local artists. For around three months, people all over the world have been able to listen to Karam

FYI Briefs – August

Paying the hospitals After much back-and-forth in the media, in mid-July an agreement was finally hammered out between the Syndicate of Hospitals and the various government entities and public employee groups that collectively owe almost LL500 billion in unpaid hospital bills. The terms of the deal stipulate that the hospitals

Regional perspective

ARAB COUNTRIES: Insurance Density and Insurance Penetration (SOURCE: Muhanna Foundation) This could be a very opportune time to take a good long look at the Middle Eastern insurance industry, where far-reaching changes are expected region-wide. On the static side of how things are, stand the numbers on territory, population and economic performance, in relation to

Slow hand

In late September, as the US Congress debated the Syria Accountability Act, a new cabinet was appointed in Syria. After Muhammad Mustapha Miro stepped down as prime minister, President Bashar Assad