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The Uni-leader

The Uni-leader

When Lebanon-based Fattal Holding, agents and distributors for numerous global brands in six countries of the Middle East and North Africa region, celebrated the 80th anniversary of their partnership with consumer goods multinational Unilever, the occasion was auspicious enough to bring Unilever Chief Executive Officer Paul Polman to Beirut. Executive used the rare opportunity to

Money talk

Financial markets have rallied significantly from mid-February to mid-March, supported by several events including, but not limited to, the G20 summit, the Chinese National People’s Congress meeting, the expansion of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) quantitative easing and the Federal Open Market Committee’s March session being more dovish than expected.  So what’s next for global

The real cost of regulations

In our relentless pursuit to unravel the equities markets’ mysteries of 2016, Executive sat down for a further conversation with Paul Donovan, the managing director, Global Economics at UBS Investment Bank. E   What do you make of market behaviors in the first six weeks of 2016? One always expects some volatility but market volatility

Defying superstition

The boardrooms of modern corporations are nerve centers. The decisions made here influence the course of the entire corporation, which in this sense can be compared to a ship. Biases and blind spots in the boardroom can easily ruin the entire voyage, and superstitions against inclusion of capacious people on a board of directors can

Inside a corporate nation

Three of the world’s top five companies by market value – Apple, Microsoft and Google – today run like nations unto themselves. Each has a utopian headquarters – home base for an army of employees with global reach and influence. Their aim is wealth creation both for employees and shareholders, but their products also help

The blue appeal

For many Lebanese travelers, Air France is not just any airline but an institution of memories. When times were tough, flying from Beirut to Paris represented a lifeline connection to personal safety, not to mention savoir vivre and commerce. Today, the links between Lebanon and Europe are numerous and airlines have to win over travelers

A problem of domestication

Lebanese consumers, living in an oil-importing country, are expected to benefit in the coming months from some benevolent factors in their financial environment, but retailers should not celebrate too soon as the past few years suggest stronger purchasing power does not necessarily translate into significant spending boosts across retail segments. In its November 2015 reading,

EIP: Equity per mimicry

In today’s financial universe, the private equity space is a vital quadrant to map and monitor. Private equity (PE) investments –   allocations of capital that institutions and the wealthy inject into companies, not through stock markets but with the help of professional intermediaries – have grown into an alternative investments class worth $3.8 trillion

Spinning content from every virtual angle

Nothing is essentially new, neither under the sun nor in the virtual world of digital marketing and social networking. The insight is not new either but — in the context of examining a digital acquisition in Lebanon — notable for having been voiced in a recent iteration by a key brain in the marketing communications