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Data deficiency syndrome

Data deficiency syndrome

Incomplete as they are, the numbers look bad for Lebanon’s real estate sector in 2015. Construction permits are down. The number of transactions is down. Cement deliveries are down. Full-year stats were not available at time of writing, but year-on-year comparisons of the most recent data point to a deepening slump after a boom phase

Export dynamics

2015 has been a tumultuous year for Lebanon’s food industrialists. The Ministry of Public Health’s food safety campaign greatly impacted Lebanese consumables in foreign markets, while the closure of traditional land routes raised the cost of exports. Despite these changes, however, the sub-sector has seen an uptick in investment and potential new markets and trade

Stepping into the light

Historically, insurance companies and organizations for mutual protection have originated from taking on roles in the acceptance and coverage of risks that led them in a next step to develop strategies for risk mitigation and, with further passing of time, assume responsibilities to prepare for future risks. With the present era’s accumulations of uncertainties and

Make it or break it

With Lebanon’s economy stuck in a rut, only limited options remain available to support the country’s struggling manufacturing sector. Executive sat down with the person at the helm of the sector for an update on industrial and agricultural developments – Minister of Industry Hussein Hajj Hassan, whose long political career as a parliamentarian includes chairmanship

Insuring Lebanon

Executive sits down to talk shop with Max Zaccar, who was elected in May 2015 to be the president of the Association des Compagnies d’Assurances au Liban (ACAL), the association of the Lebanese insurance industry. E   How do you assess the situation in the insurance sector in the year to date? The figures show

Speed bumps ahead

Executive sat with Antoine Boukather, president of the Automobile Importers Association (AIA) of Lebanon, to discuss the industry and regulatory issues in the transport sector. E   Has it been another difficult year for the sector? Of course. Lebanon is in political turmoil and we urge the politicians to double their efforts to find a

Pearls of economic wisdom

In good times and in bad ones, leading wealth management institutions and Lebanese families and individuals are connected via a bond of mutual interests in profits and wealth preservation. Among the torchbearers of this bond are the top-rated economists of Swiss banks who come to visit Lebanon with clockwork regularity. Usually, they bear at least

Coming Sukleen

After protests outside their Lebanon plant and activist allegations of corruption, the CEO of Averda gives his first ever interview to a media organization. Little known by name in Lebanon, Averda is a waste management company founded in 1993 by Lebanese engineer Maysarah Sukkar. It is the parent company of Sukleen and Sukomi. Maysarah’s son,

No time to cry wolf

In the Lebanese banking sector’s cherished game of claiming the deposit throne, month-on-month drops of private sector deposits are usually reserved for the January statistics, in what has become known as the annual correction of window dressing at the end of the business year. That is why, when the relevant central bank data is pulled

Quilvest loves BlomInvest

It is a regular romance. Quilvest, a global wealth manager, and Lebanon’s BlomInvest Bank have tied the knot with a new product partnership, allowing the Lebanese bank’s wealth management clientele to buy into Quilvest deals via a special purpose vehicle called the Blom-Quilvest European Real Estate Fund. The two are teaming up for the second