Real Estate articles

UAE – Realty reform

The UAE government has long been active in setting laws and regulations to improve the transparency of its real estate market and ensure long-term growth. Since the global financial crisis began, these attempts were further amplified by issuing new laws, intervening in the market by controlling future supply and by injecting liquidity into the banking

GCC – Development hits the wall

While the global economic uncertainty is increasingly trimming down investors’ confidence and consequently, leading to panic selling and the pulling out of millions of dollars worth of foreign investments, the stock market is bearing harsh consequences with share prices suffering precipitous fall. This drop in share value is also due to the sharp fall in

UAE – How the bull went bear

Up until the second quarter of this year, “growth” was the only word that would come to one’s mind when referring to the UAE’s real estate market. Surging demand, accompanied by a high level of liquidity and top market performance were a perfect combination to rank Dubai and Abu Dhabi as two of the fastest

Bahrain – Calm oasis

Bahrain, the smallest territory and population in the MENA region and the smallest economy in the GCC, is currently continuing its real estate development as it is trying to diversify its economy away from oil and gas, which still represent around 77% of revenues. Faced by the same challenges as other countries in the region,

$20 billion in undeveloped land at Lebanese banks

Should a chicken incubate her eggs for forty years, one would expect her to hatch no less than a golden goose. Similarly, the Central Bank of Lebanon is sitting on $1.2 billion worth of properties, some of which have been in its nest since the 1960 — that’s equal to 18% of Lebanon’s gold reserves

GCC – Building green kingdoms

Even though the ‘green building’ trend is still embryonic in the GCC, a growing number of property developers as well as governments are realizing the environmental, social and economic benefits associated with the initiative. Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of buildings on human health and the environment by efficiently using energy,

Kuwait – Fuel to build

Kuwait accounts for about 10% of the world’s oil reserves and has benefitted from recent high oil prices, as well as political stability and economic growth. Yet the country plans to diversify its economy away from the oil sector to include infrastructure, tourism and construction. Still, the construction sector contributes only 6% to the nation’s

Lebanon – A boom where others bust

If one thinks about how political unrest might damage the real estate sector in a country and then looks at the demand and price figures in Lebanon, there is a sense of awe, if not confusion. “You cannot follow your textbook in real estate in Lebanon,” said Elie Harb, president of Coldwell Banker. “Comparing Lebanon