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Strokes of brilliance

Strokes of brilliance

Pedro Barbosa is a Brazilian art collector gaining a reputation as an aspiring trendsetter in the international art scene as he amasses pieces from young and trendy artists, primarily fraom Brazil. Last year, he decided to go global and started collecting from artists around the world, among them 29-year-old emerging Lebanese artist Rayyane Tabet. More

A home away from home

It is impossible to miss the three glittering towers of the Verdun Gardens compound as one drives by. The new project, at the intersection of the Qoreitem and Verdun areas of Beirut, also incorporates a collection of stores located in the green plaza beneath.  The compound is the latest development from Soligran SAL and Soligran

Vodka – Lebanese style

"Our goal from the very beginning was to produce high end vodka, a luxury brand that has superior ingredients and superior production,” says Adam Aboulhosn, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Middle East Beverage Company, a Lebanese startup enterprise that has produced J2 Vodka, the first Polish vodka using Lebanese mountain water. Named after

Animating success

The handful of Lebanese companies working in animation have had to come up with enterprising business models in order to be seen. Despite the presence of a pool of talented animators working in creative and commercial projects, there is no Lebanese animation industry per se to speak of. An increase in the number of regional

A classy indulgence

Gilt may seem an odd choice of name for a venture launched in one of Beirut’s least-golden periods of recent history, but Marwan Keyrouz is confident his first solo venture will shine in a lackluster market. “If you create the right atmosphere and if everything is well studied, from scratch to the final concept, then

The necessity of decadence

At a time when most 5-star hotels in Lebanon are reporting record low occupancies, Achour Holding has invested $25 million into transforming the Royal Plaza Hotel in Raouche into Lancaster Plaza, a 5-star hotel, marking the company’s third venture into hotel ownership and management under the Lancaster Hotels and Suites name.  Two years ago, company

Creative endeavour

Walking through the buoyant Beirut Art Fair on its opening night last month, one could understand why the city has been featured as one of 12 worldwide to watch for contemporary art according to a new book published by Phaidon Press, titled “Art Cities of the future: 21st-century Avant Gardes”. Lebanese artistic talent has even

Doctors go digital

Online medical consultation platforms Sohati and eTobb are bent on digitalizing the process of diagnosis. In the past year both companies have launched interfaces that allow users to ask medical questions and get a doctor’s response within 24 to 48 hours, anonymously, and for free.  The digitalization of health has clear benefits. It is making

Syrian artists revitalize Lebanon’s creative scene

The presence of Syrian artists in Beirut is far from new, due to the city’s international connections, and the higher prices artworks fetch. “Syrian artists have always been part of the Lebanese art scene for as long as I can remember,” gallery owner Joanna Seikaly says. However, currently more work by Syrian artists is being

‘Our films are more honest’

The film “Conflict 1949 – 1979” tells the story of director Josef Kalüf’s bid to discover his father’s role in the Lebanese civil war and was screened this weekend at the Beirut International Film Festival. Executive caught up with the film’s producer Bahaa Khaddaj to discuss the film and the Lebanese movie industry.   Your