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An evasive business

An evasive business

After decades of unbalanced economic growth amid pseudo-liberal reform, the Middle East exploded in the turmoil of the ‘Arab Spring’, and many of the business groups that anchored pre-2011 developments vanished from the political scene, or otherwise recast themselves. Addressing this process, “Business Politics in the Middle East” looks at the role of the private

All the world’s a canvas

"Moving [to London] shows that [modern and contemporary] art from the Middle East has matured to the point where it is ready for an international audience,” explains Hisham Samawi, co-owner of Ayyam Gallery, sitting in their space in London’s New Bond Street, nestled among Mayfair’s historic and established galleries.  Art collectors and cousins Khaled and

Lebanon’s best outdoor venues

The rooftop and outdoor bars concept is nothing new to Lebanon’s nightlife. It took off almost 14 years ago with the original SkyBar on Palm Beach Hotel’s rooftop, which created a lasting buzz among Lebanese socialites. But the introduction of the indoor smoking ban in September 2012, coupled with the Lebanese penchant for a puff

Homosexuality is not an illness, Lebanese scientists decide

Homosexuality is not an illness and cannot be ‘cured’, two leading Lebanese mental health organizations have agreed in a landmark ruling. The Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) and the Lebanese Psychological Association (LPA) declared that gay people could not be treated as it was not abnormal, the first time scientific organizations had made such statements in

Maserati or Porsche?

When the dealer for Italian luxury marque Maserati is asked to talk of his business, he dips straight into childhood pleasures. “In my generation, when we were young, we used to play with small toy cars. These were my toys during my childhood, and I still live it ‘til this day.  So I went from

High-end boating stays afloat

The sight of a glittering yacht gliding smoothly across the Mediterranean is one that inevitably draws quite a few admiring stares from onlookers, and is regarded as a lavish indulgence afforded only by those with a considerably high income. In Lebanon, such a sight is rather rare as only 80 of the 2,000 boats docked

Catering to our sweet tooth

Social media was abuzz last month when two billboards popped up on the highway outside of Jounieh. The first, an advertisement for Tripoli-based Abdul Rahman Hallab 1881, a stalwart of Lebanon’s sweets industry, read: “It’s in Jounieh? Sweet…”, which prompted Douaihy Lebanese Pastries, firmly established in the area for 15 years, to retort via another

A summer of serenity

When it comes to planning an extravagant vacation, it seems to be more and more about the family. The latest report by the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) revealed a global growth in the multi-generational, family luxury travel market. The Lebanese are no exception; Nakhal, a Lebanese travel agency, told Executive that more than 60

Top 10 women’s watches

A carefully chosen watch can be an investment and a pleasure. Here are Executive's top 10 men's watches for 2013:   10 Tag Heuer Monaco   Sports bling cannot find finer expression than in this pimped-up classic.         9 Baume et Mercier Hampton With the Hampton, B&M have shown you can own

Planning the next mall

Shopping centers and commercial complexes are on the agendas of real estate investors across the Middle East. The phenomenal contribution of malls to tourism and retail growth in metropolises such as Dubai and Beirut has led capital to fund the ambitions of even second-tier cities to grow shopping centers in size, sophistication and number. Advisors