Executive Magazine Front Covers 2013

All the leading articles from a tough year for Lebanon

Executive Magazine has been producing in-depth reports about Lebanon and the Middle East since 1999. Here are all our front covers from 2013.



January’s lead story focused on the entrepreneurship scene in Lebanon, with one article exploring places for entrepreneurs to work and another focusing on the Beirut Creative Cluster.



February’s lead story focused on why Lebanon’s oil and gas sector is unlikely to solve the country’s electricity crisis. Read the full story here.



March’s lead story focused on why the Lebanese are the advertising industry’s dominant players in the Middle East and North Africa. Read the full story here.



April’s issue included a special report on the Lebanese in New York. You can read the articles here.



May’s lead story was a special report on the Lebanese healthcare system. Read all the stories here.



June’s focused on how Lebanon’s banks are moving abroad to dodge stagnation. Read the full story here.


EX#168_july13 Executive

July’s lead story investigated the country’s child labor market. Read the full story here.



August’s lead story focuses on the Khoury Home takeover. Read the full story here.



September’s issue explored on struggle for gay rights in Lebanon. Read the full story here.



October’s issue looked deep into Lebanon’s offshore oil and gas, including a Q&A with energy minister Gebran Bassil. Read the full story here.



November’s lead story is focused on Lebanese and Arab entrepreneurs.



December’s lead story is a review on the event’s that occurred throughout the year and an insight into the future.