Tightening inflows

Net regional financial inflows to drop 23 percent

Total net private financial inflows to the Middle East and North Africa are projected to be $12.9 billion in 2010, a decrease of 23 percent from 2009’s $16.8 billion, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The estimate accounts for 6.1 percent of global inflows to emerging and developing economies, projected at $210 billion. By comparison, Latin and Central America are slated to be the largest recipients of net private inflows in 2010 with $80 billion, or 38 percent of the total. The IMF’s predications, however, vastly differ from those of the Institute of International Finance, which forecasts inflows of $709 billion globally.

The IMF forecast net private direct investment to the MENA region at $71.7 billion this year and $77.8 billion in 2011, up from $70 billion in 2009. The body also estimated foreign currency reserves to increase by $60 billion in 2010 and $71 billion in 2011.