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Stopping the spill

War is coming. The battles ahead will not be fought on land or sea. They will be waged in parliamentary sessions and cabinet meetings. Our enemy is readying for an invasion so our defenses must be impenetrable. As Lebanon slowly develops an oil and gas industry, we need weapons purpose-built to prevent the systemic corruption

Waste management: a collective duty

The waste management crisis has been a good awareness campaign for recycling. In the past two months, there have been numerous reports of municipalities demanding residents sort their waste at home. Zero Waste Act — a private-sector recycling initiative reports a deluge of interest from people who want to divert some of their trash from

From burning to breaking

It was the waste crisis that ignited the protests around the Lebanese Parliament, across Downtown, on the doorsteps of numerous ministries and on highways and sites around the country. On different occasions, such as August 22 and September 20, protests flared into massive demonstrations. On many other days, protest activities were small manifestations of discontent

Criminal negligence

Every minister deserves to be in jail. By closing the Naameh sanitary landfill without an alternative in place, our politicians committed a crime that will continue damaging this country for years to come. And the calamity we are currently living through was predictable – in fact, we foresaw this. When residents near Naameh clogged Beirut’s

The garbage revolution

Disaster looms. The natural beauty of our country is under attack by the criminally negligent handling of our trash. The damages already done to our environment and health are terrible, and the consequences will remain obvious and visible for years to come. Our economy is circling the drain. The most generous estimate sees it growing

Wading knee deep in trash, literal and political

There’s nothing more frustrating for those of us who deal in facts to see rumor, opinion and plain horseshit posing as debate. The one thing that stinks more than the actual trash rotting on our streets is the national conversation about waste management. We demand real answers and vow to use these pages to showcase

Taming the central bank

There is a deep rooted intuition or cultural knowledge that monetary power is extremely risky. Long before things like fiat money and central banking made their first appearances, this cultural DNA has come to expression in both prescriptive behavioral myths — such as Aristotle’s telling of Midas’ self-destructive fixation on the exchange value of everything

Promoting tourism starts at home

No cultural tourism enthusiast would feel that a trip to Beijing is complete without visiting the Forbidden City, or to Athens without at least passing by the Acropolis, and the same thing can be said for Paris and the Louvre Museum. While cultural tourism is not the only form of tourism, it is the one

A port policy for all

Lebanon’s seafaring culture stretches back to at least the time of the Phoenicians. Our maritime trade has, historically, connected East to West, spreading commerce and culture across the Mediterranean Sea. It was towards the end of their centuries-long rule that the Ottomans dug out what today is Beirut’s port and, less than a century later,