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The franchisor and the direct operators

The franchisor and the direct operators

It is part of human nature to be dissatisfied with what we have, always wanting and working to gain more. At the corporate level, this can manifest itself in the growth of one’s enterprise, be it in size, services provided or expansion into new markets.  Businesses in Lebanon are no strangers to growth into new

Municipality matters

May 2016 was municipal council election time in Lebanon and so, every Sunday of that month, many Lebanese headed to their area of origin and cast their vote for who would essentially be in charge of their native town’s internal affairs for the following six years. While most voters were probably primarily concerned with issues

Broken financing

From wellness to cherries, at hospitality clusters and beach resorts, Lebanon’s event organizers and business owners outside the capital agree on one thing: municipalities should do more to bolster their economies. While article 49 of law 118/1977 on municipalities says they can plan roads and other public works – projects like playgrounds, hospitals, sewage and

Hanging on

In May 2016, a collective online call to action, under the hashtag #lawshumasar (whatever happens), was issued by key figures in the creative and productive sector to keep working in Lebanon no matter what happens. It seems the Food and Beverage (F&B) subsector in Lebanon has heeded this call as its productivity continues to grow

What’s on the tourism menu?

Whether it’s summer resort towns like Bhamdoun, Aley, Zahle or Dhour Choueir which began to flourish in the 1940s – and were frequented by both local Lebanese escaping the heat of Beirut and international tourists from Egypt or Arab Gulf countries following the oil boom – or the coastal city of Beirut, which became a

Investment decisions

Investing in a venture capital (VC) fund is a bit like betting on a horse. The gambler can choose a horse carefully, looking at the animal’s past performance and even evaluating the jockey, but once the race starts and the money’s laid down, all the gambler can do is sit back, watch the race and

A law for building wealth

Lebanon is being blessed with another proposed law, and several serious voices are intonating praise of the type of a minor doxology to the deities of capital. The new private equity draft law is designed to boost the – currently lacking – ability of fund operators to incorporate commercial entities that are best suited as

In conversation with Freddie Baz of Bank Audi

In May 2016, rumors circulated that the largest banking group in Lebanon, Audi, had engaged in an exercise of tinkering with the possibility of relocating its corporate holding to a foreign jurisdiction. More tangibly, the bank released its results for the first quarter in 2016, showing lower assets and deposits when compared with the end

Dissecting the numbers

Although 2015 was a trying year for the Lebanese economy and tested many economic players beyond what they experienced in the already challenging year of 2014, the results of Lebanese banks were remarkably stable. It is notable that the consolidated market shares of alpha and beta banks maintained high concentration on the domestic side. Their