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August 2019

by Executive Staff


It is all about credibility


The Lebanese government needs to do more to improve the education sector

For the power of learning

Lebanon’s budget: One hurdle is passed, many more need to be overcome

Missing signals


The Lebanese educational landscape

The gap is growing wider

Private schools in Lebanon struggle to provide quality education at a reasonable cost

Between a rock and a hard place

The view from Lebanon’s education ministry

Education for a new economy

LAU study the a model for solving the problem of data scarcity

Measuring the impact of education

Academia, the public, and policy-making in Lebanon

Bridging the gap

Behind the Lebanese University strikes

A university fragmented

Lebanon’s education system is failing students with special needs

Too many still left behind

Providers search for lucrative coding bootcamp models

Cracking the code


Lebanese edtech startups carve a place alongside traditional teaching

Teaching with tech


Lebanon ratifies 2019 budget

Still better late than never?

Gas sector a catalyst for further cooperation between Lebanon and Egypt

The case for closer ties

US sanctions Hezbollah lawmakers

A heavy hand comes with consequences

Updated laws on e-transactions, offshore companies, and code of commerce

Fit for purpose

The deterioration of human capital in Lebanon

Stalled potential


Le Gray’s general manager’s four years in Beirut

Navigating troubled waters


Are Arab countries on track for UN education goals?

Education for the common good