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Business briefing: 26 Nov 2013

Economics and Policy The caretaker tourism minister has called on the Lebanese diaspora to deliver a Christmas gift to the country this year: Visit Lebanon over the holiday season to send a message that terrorism wouldn’t work. More from The Daily Star   Lebanese banks have provided 96,000 housing loans thanks to the soft loan

Business briefing: 25 Nov 2013

Economics and Policy Lebanon will close any illegal Syrian businesses after a nationwide survey on these enterprises is completed, a senior official at the Economy Ministry said over the weekend. More from The Daily Star Iran’s pledge to limit nuclear work in return for looser economic sanctions will have a “muted” impact on crude prices

Business briefing: 20 Nov 2013

Economics and Policy Tuesday’s bombing of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut will damage efforts to encourage investment in Lebanon, experts told The Daily Star, warning that another spate of deadly bombings linked to the war in Syria might be the last straw for the economy. More from The Daily Star   Syria’s army has pushed

Business briefing: 19 Nov 2013

Economics and Policy A new stimulus package from Lebanon’s Central Bank will boost economic activity in 2014, economists have said. More from The Daily Star   Iran’s state-owned National Iranian Gas Co. has declared bankruptcy with more than $4 billion in debt, local media has reported. More from Bloomberg   Libya's deputy intelligence chief was

Business briefing: 18 Nov 2013

Economics and Policy The fall of imports this year has reduced the balance of payments deficit in Lebanon, a leading academic has said. More from The Daily Star   The United Arab Emirates Banks Federation will recommend that the central bank fine lenders who breach stricter mortgage loan rules as it seeks to prevent a

Business briefing: 14 Nov 2013

Caretaker Industry Minister Vreij Sabounjian has met with an official from the United Nations Development Program to discuss the participation of Lebanese firms in the Syrian refugee aid response. More from The Daily Star Oman’s public sector wage bill may jump by as much as $2.3 billion next year, according to the finance minister, accelerating

Business briefing: 13 Nov 2013

Economics and Policy Saudi Arabia officially notified the United Nations on Tuesday of its decision to reject a seat on the U.N. Security Council, which U.N. diplomats said clears the way for the likely election of Jordan as a replacement. More from Reuters   The Arab world’s energy exporting states are not saving enough of

Business briefing: 12 Nov 2013

Economics and Policy Shares in Twitter Inc have been found eligible for investment by Islamic funds, according to IdealRatings, a company that screens stocks to determine whether they meet Muslim principles. More from Reuters   The International Monetary Fund will help Lebanon streamline its consumer price index calculation in a bid to obtain more accurate

Business briefing: 11 Nov 2013

Economics and Policy Kuwait’s government plans to form a special committee to review subsidies on goods and services which are costing the Gulf Arab state more than $15.9 billion a year. More from Reuters   Subsidised petrol and electricity programmes are causing a huge waste of energy across the Gulf and threatening economies, Oman's oil