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12 new Lebanese startups

12 new Lebanese startups

Reading Time: 14 minutes In previous years, attending a startup demo day in Beirut—where hopeful graduates of accelerator programs present their projects and pitch for recognition and financial investments—tended to require a will to smile politely and some tolerance for boredom. But in September and October of this year, demo days and startup competitions with Lebanese entrants—some held in

An interview with Bookwitty chief executive Cyril Hadji-Thomas

Reading Time: 4 minutes To understand as much as possible about the inside perspective and mindset related to the first high-profile  failure of a Lebanese startup, Executive sat down with Cyril Hadji-Thomas, the stakeholder at the heart of Bookwitty. E  We heard many things when investigating this case. Among them, allegations that a large number of subsidiaries had been

The biggest startup bankruptcy since Circular 331

Reading Time: 10 minutes It may have all started six years ago, with the zone of low air pressure that moved westward over the Atlantic, encountering large amounts of relatively warm water in the middle of nowhere. The resulting tropical cyclone became known as Hurricane Sandy and caused havoc in eight countries in the Americas, taking more than 230

Financial literacy initiatives for everyday

Reading Time: 4 minutes When it comes to maximizing money, the rich have access to many more resources than anyone else, not to mention the disposable cash to play with in the first place. That doesn’t mean that they are financially literate by birth but they usually grow up in a very favorable family environment for acquiring financial literacy,