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The big Lebanese thirst

The big Lebanese thirst

Reading Time: 6 minutes Not many consumer product segments have steady year-on-year growth regardless of the economic environment. Nor are there many products that are the same price as they were a decade ago. But as the marketing saying goes, water is life, and there is plenty of competition for consumers of bottled water. “You can consider bottled water

Speed bumps ahead

Reading Time: 3 minutes Executive sat with Antoine Boukather, president of the Automobile Importers Association (AIA) of Lebanon, to discuss the industry and regulatory issues in the transport sector. E   Has it been another difficult year for the sector? Of course. Lebanon is in political turmoil and we urge the politicians to double their efforts to find a

Growth on tap

Reading Time: 3 minutes Executive met with Monisha Abraham, general manager at Brasserie Almaza, to discuss the business of beer in the country, market share, exports and plans for a new brewery.   You recently came to Beirut to manage Almaza, which is owned by Dutch group Heineken. How long have you been with the Heineken Company? I started working

Two wheels a go-go

Reading Time: 3 minutes Two wheelers have never been an overly popular mode of transport in Lebanon. There are, at one end of the spectrum, the cheap runaround bikes favored for day to day use and by delivery men, and at the other end, motorbike enthusiasts who prefer the saddle to a car seat. But the middle ground of

Hit the road

Reading Time: 7 minutes Every month the Automobile Importers Association of Lebanon (AIA) sends out its Registration Report, showing the year-to-date breakdown of new car sales per brand. Over the course of 2014, the attached president’s letter has ended with: “We hope that Lebanon soon finds peace, stability and prosperity.” Such a repeated aspiration is indicative of what is

Auto boom

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was business as usual for the first nine months of 2014 in the automotive and transportation sectors. Car sales were similar to 2013, and used car sales continued to drop, with low priced and new models coupled with access to easy financing keeping the sector in gear. In short, it was another good year

Two wheels forward

Reading Time: 3 minutes Executive met with Nicolas Boukather to discuss the newly formed Lebanese Association of Motorcycle Agents (LAMA), of which he is the secretary general, and what is needed to bolster sales. Boukather is also chairman of A.N. Boukather — dealer for Mazda and motorbike brands Piaggio, Aprilia, Motor Guzzi, Vespa, Gilera, Derby, KTM and Bajaj.  

Land of milk and money

Reading Time: 9 minutes Demand for dairy products, milk especially, is surging across the world as a result of changes in global diets and the marketing of its purported health benefits. Global turnover was forecast to reach $335 billion in 2014, based on 5 percent annual growth, driven by demand in Asia and particularly China, which is slated to

Kings of the road

Reading Time: 8 minutes Car dealers are trying to keep upbeat. Weaker consumer purchasing power, and the overall economic malaise in the country are making it hard to do so, even if on paper it looks as if there is still growth in the sector due to consistently solid sales volumes. According to the Automobile Importers Association (AIA), the number