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Gentrifying Gemaizeh

In the last two years, Gemaizeh, the neighborhood due east of the BCD, has seen property prices rise by an average of 50% across all categories, as restaurant owners, property developers and discerning homebuyers have identified the district’s commercial potential. At least $50 million has been invested in residential and retail projects in the area

Not in a forgiving mood

Three years after American Kathryn Gustafson won the international competition to design the so-called Garden of Forgiveness in the downtown area, the first stage in the construction of the public park has finally seen the light. The garden

Terminal illness

To offer owners of private jets and people flying into Beirut by privately chartered aircraft a softer, smoother arrival, a new terminal is currently being built at Beirut airport. Dubbed the General Aviation building, this, the third and latest phase in the rebuilding of the airport, is effectively a VIP terminal offering separate, more efficient

Inflated optimism?

Lebanon loves Europe. From German cars to Italian clothes and French foods to Dutch beers, up to 60% of Lebanese non- oil imports come from Europe. Therefore, as the Euro soars to an all-time high against the dollar, it seems logical, even likely, that 2004 will be a year of high inflation. Two leading Lebanese

Q&A : Pierre Achkar

E: How would you describe Lebanon’s summer in terms of tourists? PA: If summer means July and August, then summer was excellent for Beirut. Like last year, it was also good for the regions of Jounieh, Broummana and Bhamdoun. Our aim, however, is to extend the summer season from April to October, as in the