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Heading back to the books

Heading back to the books

Reading Time: 7 minutes Like all other fields of activity, the pursuit of knowledge in Lebanon has suffered under the turbulences of spring 2005. A Beirut trade show on education and professional training options had to be cancelled in February and attendance at continued education programs dropped. But providers say that interest is back and programs are running at

Testing times for business

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Lebanese economy is not only wearing black, it is also awash with red and white, and will be for a while yet and it remains unclear just how long – weeks, months or longer – the disruption of Lebanon’s economic heartbeat will last. This cannot presently be assessed authoritatively in terms of economic impact

Insurers reassured by more visibility

Reading Time: 7 minutes For the Lebanese insurance industry, 2004 was a year of measured improvement accentuated by several highpoints. Visibility and transparency, regional interaction and regional opportunities, the legislative framework, and a healthier solution for social security constituted the portfolio of notable developments or prospects for the nation’s insurance companies. These matters of domestic importance were embedded in

Visitors to Lebanon, what do they want?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Lebanon’s inbound tourism in 2004 kept or exceeded virtually every promise and expectation. After ten months of the year, the ministry of tourism could announce that over 1.12 million visitors had arrived in the country, reaffirming mid-year expectations that this would be the best figures in 30 years and a stepping stone towards future growth.

Communications – The ongoing drama

Reading Time: 5 minutes Smiles returned to the Lebanese communications sector in 2004. The question is whether they were forced. Two existential dramas in the communications arena last year were carried over from 2003 and the years before: the quest to make the mobile and landline sectors more productive and create a stable environment for modern data communications. A

FNB reaches for the top

Reading Time: 5 minutes Provided that their development of assets and deposits continues along the lines of the first nine months, Lebanon’s First National Bank is set to achieve growth in the magnitude of 20% to 25% this year – strengthening its claim to be one of the fastest advancers in Lebanon’s banking industry at the beginning of the

Taking retail to the next level

Reading Time: 7 minutes ADMIC, operator of the Monoprix and BHV stores in Lebanon, are adding to their retail stable. The company has begun its PR and marketing campaign for the 200,000 square meter City Mall, due to open at the northern gateway to metropolitan Beirut in three stages between December 2005 and the end of 2006. ADMIC chairman

Asking the experts for advice

Reading Time: 6 minutes Volatile times bring out the best virtues of proper financial planning. That’s why to ensure that an investment pays off, one must get smart advice on products that meet an investor’s needs, paired with sound guidance in overall portfolio allocation and backed by thorough contextual research. But before committing to a relationship with a top

ICT coming to soon to a town near you?

Reading Time: 7 minutes It sure looks as if in the world and region, all things ICT are returning to normal. Shares in e-companies are no longer an anathema. The big market move of the season from a tech perspective, the Google IPO, clawed its way beyond obstacles to achieve figures that appear, all in all, more respectable than

Making the connection

Reading Time: 8 minutes Achievers are keen to benchmark their performance and remain unafraid of comparing their accomplishments to the best. To measure the commercial success of Lebanon’s Internet Service Providers – the companies where speed, competitiveness, technological competence and service quality are crucial not only for their viability but for the entire online economy – with the aim