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The mechanics that keep the boat afloat

The mechanics that keep the boat afloat

Reading Time: 14 minutes Fear, adoration and envy are emotions with great relevance to human and business relations. If we don’t look at a leader in fear or adoration, we often look at her or him in envy – but usually we keep one eye on the leader. Sometimes the only reason why we don’t look to the leader

Skating on

Reading Time: 6 minutes It has been documented beyond any question that when it comes to discussions of the outlook for the future, bankers are no more endowed with privileged knowledge or exclusive insights than the next best economist or fortune teller. The caveat against clairvoyance has been enforced in 2015, in no insignificant form, by the frantic performances

No time to cry wolf

Reading Time: 7 minutes In the Lebanese banking sector’s cherished game of claiming the deposit throne, month-on-month drops of private sector deposits are usually reserved for the January statistics, in what has become known as the annual correction of window dressing at the end of the business year. That is why, when the relevant central bank data is pulled

Quilvest loves BlomInvest

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is a regular romance. Quilvest, a global wealth manager, and Lebanon’s BlomInvest Bank have tied the knot with a new product partnership, allowing the Lebanese bank’s wealth management clientele to buy into Quilvest deals via a special purpose vehicle called the Blom-Quilvest European Real Estate Fund. The two are teaming up for the second

Take that exit

Reading Time: 6 minutes When investors look for an exit they don’t want to be shown the door. They want to see the cash consideration that rewards them for their risk – and they want to look good in the process; good for having created employment, good for respecting the environment, good for having contributed to economic growth, and

2014: Deep analysis

Reading Time: 5 minutes Any analysis of Lebanese banking performance in terms of activity has to be read in conjunction with the operating environment in the region and the recent expansion of Lebanese banks in regional markets. Real GDP growth, as estimated by the IMF, stood at 2.4 percent for the MENA region in 2014, while Lebanon registered 2.0

The brave new world of banking

Reading Time: 8 minutes Banking is on the move. Today, the sector has turned into something that couldn’t have been pictured some 20 to 30 years ago. New regulatory frameworks such as Basel III have placed more pressure on banks to regulate and mitigate risks. Their internal structures have been reshuffled by creating whole new teams and compliance departments,

The banking turnover

Reading Time: 7 minutes What BankMed is to the Hariris, BLOM Bank to the Azharis, BLC and SGBL to the different lines of Sehnaouis, Bank Audi to the Audis and Creditbank to the Khalifes is perhaps not as clear as a bell when it comes to determining ownership percentages to the decimal. The shareholdings become particularly blurred when banks are