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On a charm offensive

On a charm offensive

Reading Time: 8 minutes The ‘Open Sesame’ for unlocking what made BankMed, one of Lebanon’s top five banks by both assets and deposits, move into Dubai this spring is ‘opportunity.’ This is no coincidence. This term and the art of seeking out opportunities were the key words by which Mohamed Ali Beyhum, BankMed’s executive general manager, describes the bank’s

Central anchor

Reading Time: 7 minutes In the staid world of central bankers, changes are often slow and measured. That is not the case in 2015. In the first four months of the year, the euro slid 10 percent against the dollar. In a single day in January, the euro fell 30 percent against the Swiss franc after Swiss authorities ended

Profits ‘Я’ Us

Reading Time: 12 minutes The alpha bankers had a good year. Profits for 2014 showed surprising strength by growing 9.13 percent year on year to LBP 2.8 trillion ($1.9 billion) for the 14 banks with deposits of over $2 billion each. Individual profit champions were BLOM Bank, at $29 billion the sector’s number two by assets, with $365 million,