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Hedging on real estate

Hedging on real estate

Real estate, long perceived in Lebanon as a long-term investment which would allow reaping profits in an economy of services, was in addition seen as an attractive investment due to a high number of expats and tourists willing to buy local housing for vacation purposes. However, since the beginning of the financial crisis in Lebanon,

Lost in the fog

Lost in the fog Lebanese insurers seek to ward off economic pressures and evil opinion spells The best thing to say about the performance of insurance companies in the year to date is that they are slowly reappearing from what seemed an organizational stupor that during the past year enveloped the sector up to the

Deal or no deal

The Beirut port explosion on August 4, 2020 resulted in the loss of more than 200 lives, countless wounded, and also massive insured losses now estimated to range between $1 billion and $1.5 billion by the website While some of the damages have been repaid, according to the specifics of insurance policies, others have

Financial family lifelines

Beirut-based financial company OMT is a family-owned and managed enterprise that has morphed from being simply a ubiquitous sight – the yellow and black logos of OMT agencies are scattered around Beirut, urban centers, and Lebanese villages in all of the country’s provinces – in an overbanked country to an existential supply channel of stable

Where is Lebanon’s Trade in the Transition to a Digital Economy?

The world is witnessing a digital transformation with implications evident at all levels of the economy, particularly at the level of trade. New trends are surging, mainstream practices are disrupted, and competition is growing especially with digitalization proving to be linked with greater trade openness and higher profitability. As per the 2019 World Trade Statistical

E-commerce experts: Make your shift to e-commerce now or quit

The e-commerce sector in Lebanon is witnessing exponential growth since more than a year as consumers are increasingly demanding online payment options and merchants are recognizing the need for an online presence. The covid-19 pandemic played a major role in this trend as people were forced to stay home and shop from their laptops, mobile

Pivotal events of 2020

DECEMBER 19Parliamentary consultations take place. Mr. Hassan Diab is nominated to form a government, backed by the Amal movement, Hezbollah, the Free Patriotic Movement, the Marada and others. DECEMBER 20-31Heavy protests take place, protesting the nomination of Hassan Diab as Prime Minister. JANUARY 14Lebanese Protests resume after weeks of calm. Banks are heavily targeted as

Gaming in Lebanon seriously hit

Despite the Central Bank’s (BDL) circular 331, which allows venture capital firms and banks to finance startups with less risks by guaranteeing investments up to 75 percent, Lebanese tech firms are casualties of the country’s economic woes. Between capital controls that restrict payment capacities abroad; the exile of talent fleeing Lebanon; and the sorry state

Startups actually

Success is a perfect measure of life. Yet this perfect measure is never in itself perfect. Money, knowledge, passion, experience of gain, learning from failure… All can be successes and each can be a tremendous hurt that changes life’s trajectory. It depends on our objectives and circumstances. Success of entrepreneurial startups and young tech enterprises