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Renewing the Source

Renewing the Source

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009 that Lebanon committed itself to generate 12% of total energy from renewables by the year 2020. An electricity whitepaper from 2010 laid out the plan, and the government has made incremental headway toward generating electricity from renewables, particularly in capturing the sun’s rays. Pierre Khoury, director

Build it and they will come

Reading Time: 6 minutes Driving past the rows of vineyards and the occasional industrial factory in the fields of Taanayel, West Bekaa, one of the last things you would expect to see is 200,000 square meters of entertainment and mall structures. But that’s precisely the location Maurice Torbay, chairman of Cascada Village and a veteran of mall development in South

SkyBar on fire

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the early morning hours of Thursday, May 28, the famed rooftop club SkyBar was hit by a fire that destroyed three quarters of the venue and caused severe material damage, according to its general manager Paul Aoun. “While it is too soon to assess the exact amount of the damage, we estimate it to

Familiar faces

Reading Time: 3 minutes A street is more than just well known physical landmarks. It is more than buildings and favorite outlets. A street is also made up of familiar faces: people you say hello to or nod to on a daily basis. Such faces become part of the urban fabric and in turn, they come to know the

Shopping in Hamra

Reading Time: 5 minutes “Hamra Street is the closest street to what the Burj area (what is now referred to as downtown Beirut) was back in the 1950s, meaning it is working class to a certain extent, has a bit of everything and is a place where people of all income levels mix together,” says Saadi Hamady, owner of

Something for everyone

Reading Time: 8 minutes Mention Hamra Street in front of anyone familiar with Lebanon and they will surely have an opinion or story to share about one of Beirut’s most well known and cosmopolitan areas. Referred to as the “Champs Élysées” of the Middle East in the 1960s and early 1970s, this street has played a role in influencing

A roller coaster ride

Reading Time: 6 minutes When Lebanon’s Civil War ended in 1990, Hamra was at a standstill in terms of nightlife, with almost no pubs or restaurants in operation on Makdessi, the street just north of the main road. In 2005, the roller coaster ride began its slow ascent with the opening of De Prague, a cross between a pub

Let it snow!

Reading Time: 9 minutes Lebanon has a longstanding reputation as the top winter sports destination in the region. With four major ski resorts in the country, each offering a unique experience, it is easy for both local and foreign winter activities enthusiasts to find what suits their tastes. The ghost of winter 2013–2014  With such a reputation to uphold, it is no

All grown up

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some are starting to see it. As the world moves to the web and mobile, leaders of industry are beginning to see changes happening from their vantage points at the top of the chain of command. They also see threats to their positions. The term ‘burning platform’ refers to the idea that traditional industries can’t

Christine Sfeir: Quite the balancing act

Reading Time: 2 minutes For this month’s special report on women in the workforce, Executive chose to profile a selection of seven successful, upper managerial level, Lebanese working women. Read more profiles as they’re published here, or pick up March’s issue at newsstands in Lebanon. “My mother is very important to me. She raised four children while working when most