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Positive shock

Positive shock

Reading Time: 8 minutes Likely due to some well publicized successes, the concept of startup acceleration has spread like wildfire over the past decade. This idea — nurturing nascent innovators for a small slice of the pie — has developed worldwide. Every cluster of startups that considers itself an ecosystem needs at least one accelerator to take itself seriously.

Growth on tap

Reading Time: 3 minutes Executive met with Monisha Abraham, general manager at Brasserie Almaza, to discuss the business of beer in the country, market share, exports and plans for a new brewery.   You recently came to Beirut to manage Almaza, which is owned by Dutch group Heineken. How long have you been with the Heineken Company? I started working

Holding the middle ground

Reading Time: 7 minutes On the clouded horizon of Lebanese retail in 2015, the next quarter’s biggest bang in fashion retail may well be a new store in the, recently often maligned, Beirut Central District. Come this spring, Hamra Shopping and Trading Company (HST), best known for its retail brand Grand Stores (GS), will open a new retail space

Two wheels a go-go

Reading Time: 3 minutes Two wheelers have never been an overly popular mode of transport in Lebanon. There are, at one end of the spectrum, the cheap runaround bikes favored for day to day use and by delivery men, and at the other end, motorbike enthusiasts who prefer the saddle to a car seat. But the middle ground of

Hit the road

Reading Time: 7 minutes Every month the Automobile Importers Association of Lebanon (AIA) sends out its Registration Report, showing the year-to-date breakdown of new car sales per brand. Over the course of 2014, the attached president’s letter has ended with: “We hope that Lebanon soon finds peace, stability and prosperity.” Such a repeated aspiration is indicative of what is

Auto boom

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was business as usual for the first nine months of 2014 in the automotive and transportation sectors. Car sales were similar to 2013, and used car sales continued to drop, with low priced and new models coupled with access to easy financing keeping the sector in gear. In short, it was another good year

Two wheels forward

Reading Time: 3 minutes Executive met with Nicolas Boukather to discuss the newly formed Lebanese Association of Motorcycle Agents (LAMA), of which he is the secretary general, and what is needed to bolster sales. Boukather is also chairman of A.N. Boukather — dealer for Mazda and motorbike brands Piaggio, Aprilia, Motor Guzzi, Vespa, Gilera, Derby, KTM and Bajaj.  

The slow road

Reading Time: 5 minutes Following a global trend and tempted by the wide variety of vintages more available in the country today than in the past 10 years, consumption of wine among Lebanese is on the rise. Increasing interest “In spite of the relatively tough economic situation, Lebanese wine consumption has not witnessed any drastic decrease, with wine constantly

J2 vodka hits the ground running

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just a year and half since it was first developed and a few months after its launch, J2 vodka has already received a positive response among young Lebanese, who are drawn to its smooth taste as well as the brand’s marketing.  Yet Adam Aboulhosn, general manager and CEO of the Middle East Beverage Company, which

On the right track

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Lebanon, 2014 has been an exciting year for wine and spirits, with three new brands of beer entering the market, the launch of the country’s first vodka and the continuing growth of our wineries. With all this activity, it is no wonder that Lebanon’s alcohol consumption is also on the rise. Wine drinking has