The technologies of tomorrow

Technica, leading the way

Innovative Lebanese manufacturers are harnessing the technologies of tomorrow in their factories today. Executive went to Technica for an inside peek at how the company employs robotic technology in the manufacturing and maintenance of automated turnkey solutions — machines that, for example, package candy bars and other consumable products.

Starting as a small operation in a single-car garage in the 1980s, Technica, a family owned business, is forecasting revenues approaching $15 million for 2014, and will finalize the expansion of its production floor capacity in late 2015.

Technica employs a holistic approach in meeting the design specifications of its clients’ needs, reassembling machines on site in clients’ factories. Technica enjoys certification from Procter & Gamble, helping the company meet international standards in project design and manufacturing.

Jeremy Arbid

Jeremy is Executive's in house energy and public policy analyst.

Greg Demarque

Greg Demarque is a photographer based in Beirut.