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A view from the other side

A view from the other side

Reading Time: 7 minutes Law 161 was passed five years ago to create a financial regulatory agency and structure capital markets in Lebanon. Some market players are becoming restive and others are criticizing omissions in the law’s implementation and aspects of the CMA’s methods. To understand how things look from the CMA’s perspective, Executive sat down with CMA Executive

A desire to monopolize the Lebanese forex market?

Reading Time: 6 minutes One issue has emerged as a stumbling block in the relations between the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and parts of the financial industry in recent months. The concerned sub-sector of the financial industry is a group of companies specializing in digital currency trade, also known as forex platforms or, fx companies. The Lebanese problem with

To be or when to be

Reading Time: 12 minutes On the face of it, the story of financial markets and their regulator, the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), looks like just another manifestation of Lebanese chaos. Institutions and measures that were prescribed by law in context of the CMA’s creation (in this case, Law 161 of 2011) are overdue in their implementation. Not just in