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Building Lebanon: NGOS do their bit

Building Lebanon: NGOS do their bit

Reading Time: 7 minutes As Lebanon wraps up an extraordinary year of tragedy and hope, the world’s international bodies continue to execute their projects for the development and well being of Lebanon and its people. Executive looks at the achievements of some of Lebanon’s major NGOs in Lebanon as well as their plans and expectations for 2006. Greenpeace During

abdul Hafiz Mansour- CEO, Horizon Management

Reading Time: 5 minutes Executive talks to Abdul Hafiz Mansour, CEO of Horizon Management, the real estate company, established in 2003, to oversee and develop the Hariri Group’s real estate portfolio, about projects in Lebanon and abroad. E What are the most important projects Horizon has been working on so far? We have been working on three projects to

BCD property prices stay on the rise

Reading Time: 5 minutes Despite the political turmoil of 2005, Lebanon’s real estate sector saw activity and prices remain relatively stable. Solidere sold more land than ever before and both Gulf Arabs and Lebanese nationals continued to invest in hot properties. The Beirut Central District remained (and still remains) the axis around which everything else revolves, and experts predict

A positive wrap up for real estate in 2005

Reading Time: 6 minutes Vincent Najarian General manager of C.A.R.E. real estate consultants E The real estate market, especially the high-end residential market, has appeared to ride out the crisis of 2005. Can you explain this and what is your forecast for 2006? “We remained positive throughout 2005, and are very upbeat about 2006. The signs are good. Only

Slipping Through Our Fingers

Reading Time: 7 minutes This year marks the beginning of the International Water for Life Decade, from 2005 to 2015. The United Nations, through the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Health Organization, have designated the next ten years, beginning last March 22, 2005, to focusing global attention on what should be obvious: water for life, and

Neglecting the plight of the world’s poor

Reading Time: 5 minutes Five years after setting Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the United Nations, world leaders gathered last month to assess their progress in achieving them at the World Summit in New York. If any indicators were needed to this end, the UN Human Development Report 2005 (HDR 2005) has arrived in the nick of time to

Getting skills that won’t pay the bills

Reading Time: 7 minutes Higher education: Youth for the job market or the job market for youth? A common complaint amongst our youth is the lack of jobs available in their chosen fields of expertise. But are students or educational establishments really responding to demand, or are we opting for career paths based on traditional perceptions of success, status

Bringing Palestinians back into the workforce

Reading Time: 8 minutes Employment integration: a political economic threat or a deserved right? The recent decree issued by the minister of labor, Trad Hamadeh, allowing Palestinians born in Lebanon to work in a range of private sector jobs previously restricted to Lebanese citizens is a positive development in the provision of human rights but one which needs further

The appeal of ashrafieh

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ashrafieh was never meant to be this crowded. Its six-meter wide streets gave it a village appearance as it gazed sleepily on the eastern edge of the original walled city of Beirut – roughly what is now the downtown area. Even 30 years ago land was plentiful and the roads were used to get to

Former Green Line becomes real estate hotspot

Reading Time: 6 minutes Until recently, the Damascus Road was one of the last reminders of the Lebanese Civil War and its buildings, pockmarked by bullet holes, a favorite subject for camera crazy tourists. But those days are gone now. Today, tens of millions of dollars are being invested in the area, turning the former Green Line into one