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Real Estate Voices – No alternative to Lebanon

Real Estate Voices – No alternative to Lebanon

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nabil Gebrael: Chairman of Coldwell Banker Lebanon E: What should be done to achieve a more mature, transparent and regulated residential market? Nowadays, anyone in Lebanon can operate as a broker, which creates confusion and mistrust in the market. I believe in regulating the market through licensing and continuous education. In a regulated industry, real

Sky’s the limit for real estate sector

Reading Time: 7 minutes Fuelled by the continued influx of Arab nationals and capital, Lebanon’s real estate sector continued to grow in 2004 by an estimated 20%. Solidere had an outstanding year, as the Beirut Central District experienced increased demand for property, while on the retail side, big is beautiful seemed to be the theme as ADMIC braced for

Student housing: A booming market or a bad investment?

Reading Time: 7 minutes With an increasing number of foreign and local students in Lebanon, real estate developers have tapped into a new market. Private student dorms, hostels, hotels and furnished apartments ranging from the five-star to the budget are opening on an almost monthly basis, ready to cater to the ever-widening range of needs and demands of the

Small is beautiful: Boutique hotels are in

Reading Time: 7 minutes The buzzword among real estate developers is boutique. As the hotel sector continues to expand with new, bigger hotels – a Hyatt, Four Seasons, and Hilton are all under construction – developers have also hit on the notion that not only is small beautiful, it is also lucrative. It has taken a while for the

Old may be cheaper, but it’s harder to sell

Reading Time: 5 minutes To Rita Fakhoury it was the find of a lifetime. The three-bedroom apartment in Beirut proper was on the market for just $80,000. It was a little higher than the budget she and her husband Nadim had set but the prospect of a 160m2 home right in heart of the capital was a dream. In

Beirut’s sore thumb is 30

Reading Time: 5 minutes Thirty years ago, the Murr Tower was a metaphor for promise-filled Lebanon. The brothers’ dream was to build, through their construction company La Liberal, Beirut’s first mixed use development, symbolizing the capital’s position as the region’s leading business and banking hub. The 40-storey giant was to host 34 floors of some 300m2 offices, 2,500 m2

Market trends

Reading Time: 4 minutes While new, high-end residential developments continue to define the current residential market, the bulk of Lebanon’s residential real estate sector is marked by illiquidity and inflexible prices because of many owners’ reluctance to sell and an unwillingness to accept professional valuations. However, a drop in interest rates, prompting investors – notably, Gulf Arabs and Lebanese

Affording Your Home

Reading Time: 4 minutes The mission was simple. A couple with a combined monthly income of $3,000, a salary that puts them in the top 10% of the nation’s earners, would go shopping for a new house to see what they could afford and where. This couple would not have access to a huge inheritance, nor generous parents (why

Hanging on in there

Reading Time: 5 minutes For the time being Verdun is still Beirut’s leading shopping district. This is the verdict from retailers and real estate brokers alike, who despite acknowledging that the area will eventually feel the pinch from Beirut’s Central District – believe that Verdun has the ‘critical mass’ to weather the storm However, many experts feel that this

Gentrifying Gemaizeh

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the last two years, Gemaizeh, the neighborhood due east of the BCD, has seen property prices rise by an average of 50% across all categories, as restaurant owners, property developers and discerning homebuyers have identified the district’s commercial potential. At least $50 million has been invested in residential and retail projects in the area