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Seeding for green communities

When Gilbert Tegho launched his green building consultancy business e-EcoSolutions in Canada just over five years ago, awareness of environmental and sustainability issues in Lebanon’s real estate market was nearly nonexistent. As Tegho and his team prepare to host the fifth edition of the “Build It Green Lebanon” conference tomorrow in Beirut, Executive took the

Embracing a more eco-friendly Lebanon

Building for the environment

Energy efficiency and environmental preservation are still not among the first concerns of Lebanese real estate buyers when choosing their properties. Developers, though, are increasingly aware of the requirements they need to comply with to make their assets green. Only a few finished buildings are currently certified as green in Lebanon, but several more are

Lebanese real estate – things aren’t all bad

The stagnation that characterized the real estate market during 2012 continued throughout 2013. Bad? Perhaps. Stagnation, however, is not regression, and that’s definitely a positive sign. While the market was indeed sluggish this past year, it has managed to remain relatively stable despite nearly a year without a government, a shrinking economy, growing security tensions

Waterfront City project launches in Dbayeh

Lebanon may be confronted with a challenging political and economic outlook, but this did not discourage two of the country’s biggest real estate developers from launching a joint venture for a business park in the outskirts of Beirut. Dubai-based property firm Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) and contractor Societé Joseph Khoury et Fils Holding unveiled their

A twofold investment opportunity

While the current slump in the domestic real estate market is largely seen as temporary rather than structural, some astute real estate players are turning to international markets for revenues. Intermediaries have been advertising home buying opportunities in Cyprus or jumping into promotion of properties in Spain to well-heeled clientele. Now, developers with a bent

It’s a first-time buyers’ market

Yaara and Tarek Kessouf are blissful newlyweds, full of excitement over their young marriage and the home they could afford to buy in the capital last year. They moved into their new 120 square meter (sqm) flat in the trendy Mar Mkhayel neighborhood in Achrafieh as soon as they got married last summer. The young

Concrete ambition

Statistically, by almost all indicators available to Executive, activity in the field of real estate development and building construction in Lebanon is in a slump. In the first nine months of 2013, the indicators of property transactions, construction permits, engineering insurance premiums and morale among construction managers concerning their businesses were down compared with the

‘A new government could save real estate’

As the property market entered into a troublesome year, the Real Estate Association of Lebanon (REAL) began 2013 by celebrating its recognition as a syndicate aiming to unite real estate intermediaries under a code of ethics. Executive asked REAL President Massaad Fares about the body’s first achievements under the new status as well as its

Structural rehab

The Beirut cityscape is dotted — and often blotted — by rundown skeletons of abandoned sites — industrial warehouses, storage depots, schools, etc. Whether the remnants of former industrial sites destroyed during the civil war or warehouses replaced by larger and cheaper alternatives outside the city’s municipal borders, these are buildings often made of crude