Horeca 2014: The best of Lebanese hospitality

Beirut’s biggest food and beverage exhibition once again excites the public

The halls and parking lots of Beirut’s BIEL exhibition center were buzzing with activity from April 1-4 as professionals in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors networked with the latest and greatest in their field.



The 21st edition of Horeca, the annual hospitality and food and beverage services trade show organized by Hospitality Services, received around 12,000 trade visitors from hospitality industries including, hotels, restaurants, supermarket and retail chains.

The 300 exhibitors – categorized into either food, beverages or services, and suppliers industries – were mainly from Lebanon but included some from Europe (Italy, France, Spain), the Middle East (Oman, Jordan, UAE) and beyond (Thailand, USA).

Aside from the networking opportunities, the four-day event featured competitions for both professional experts and students. The most popular competition was the Live Cooking Competition, in which more than 30 chefs and junior chefs participated.

Other competitions included the Art of Service Competition which judged table setting, decoration and presentation abilities, the Bartender’s Competition for the best cocktail and for the first time the Barista Competition for the best coffee.

Greg Demarque

Greg Demarque is a photographer based in Beirut.

Nabila Rahhal

Nabila is Executive's hospitality, tourism and retail editor. She also covers other topics she's interested in such as education and mental health. Prior to joining Executive, she worked as a teacher for eight years in Beirut. Nabila holds a Masters in Educational Psychology from the American University of Beirut.