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La Traviata invites you to Italy

La Traviata invites you to Italy

Reading Time: 4 minutes “I want people to walk through that door and feel they are in Italy,” says Christian Bou Chaaya, the owner of the Lebanese branch of La Traviata, a cozy 25-year-old family-run restaurant in Bologna, the culinary capital of Italy. He is proud to have brought the little Italian restaurant across the Mediterranean to Beirut. Bou Chaaya,

New vs. old schooling methods

New media mandates a new school system

Reading Time: 4 minutes The digital revolution and the ubiquitous presence of the internet, social media and new communication technologies has profoundly altered traditional forms of education and is undeniably shaping a new educational landscape. The conventional schooling system now needs to reinvent itself in order to adapt to a situation where students have instant access to news, information

Beiteddine Festival

Plans for this summer’s festivals

Reading Time: 4 minutes “We have a cultural role to play; the festival is a form of cultural and touristic resistance which says that the country is still here,” says Hala Chahine, director of Beiteddine Art Festival. Lately, the country’s music festivals have had many challenges to resist, yet, much like Lebanon itself, they are taking the hits but

Lebanese nightlife growing abroad. Pixabay | Geoff Gill

Exporting Lebanese nightlife

Reading Time: 6 minutes As conditions for the hospitality sector in Lebanon remain stagnant, more and more entrepreneurs in the field are exporting their concepts to greener pastures abroad. While successful restaurant concepts have been expanding to the Gulf and Europe for the past decade, mostly serving the Lebanese community there, these past few years have seen nightlife venues

Zayn Makdessi plays Said in the forthcoming short film Ash

Investing in the future of Arab cinema

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ash — a short film about the sexual exploitation of children in Beirut told from the perspective of one boy — is hitting the screens of international festivals from Montreal’s World Film Festival to Germany’s International Film Week in Regensburg. The film’s success is a considerable achievement given that the screenwriter and director, Yasmina Hatem,

Wellness is the way forward for the GCC

Reading Time: 5 minutes The delivery of healthcare is undergoing significant changes owing to medical and technological advances. These trends are particularly promising for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which are grappling with rising healthcare costs and an epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. Healthcare policymakers in the GCC who understand these

Alternative medicine is growing in Lebanon

Alternative healthcare on the rise

Reading Time: 10 minutes It seems the more mankind evolves and moves forward rapidly, the more it is slows down and finds merit in the teachings of the past.  This is especially true when it comes to matters of holistic health, owing to the relatively recent backlash over the effect that the chemicals we consume in our food, medications

Mind over matter

Reading Time: 5 minutes One in four people in Lebanon suffer from at least one mental health issue in their lifetime. This figure was among the findings of the latest comprehensive scientific study, by doctors Elie Karam et al, published in 2006 by the scientific journal Lancet. It places mental disorders among the most common health problems in Lebanon.

Baalbeck Festival ‘to return home’

Reading Time: 2 minutes The last couple of years have been tough for Lebanese tourism, and one of the areas hardest hit is certainly Baalbeck. The town, home to the most famous and stunning Roman ruins in the country, is located just a few kilometers from the Syrian border. As the Bekaa Valley region has become increasingly lawless and

Café Diem – Seize the moment and go

Reading Time: 3 minutes Where in Beirut would one find a decent cup of coffee, a glass of high quality French wine, a filling sandwich and an appetizing dessert all under one roof? Though such eateries that combine different concepts can feel schizophrenic and tend to be lax in at least one aspect, Café Diem manages to pull it