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Rewarding creativity Regional ad awards handed out in Lebanon

Rewarding creativity Regional ad awards handed out in Lebanon

Christian Cappe, CEO of the MENA Cristal Awards, president of the 2C Associés and general director of the Meribel Festival de la Publicité, struggled with local political developments to bring the awards show to Lebanon. But the organizers’ tenacity came through, and the ceremony honored the region’s best and more creative minds. Executive caught up

Ikea franchise unlikely in Lebanon

Ikea has more than 250 stores in 34 countries, with over 310 million people visiting the low-cost home products retailer every year. In Britain, according to one estimate, almost twice as many people visit an Ikea store on Sundays as attend church. Not one percentile of Ikea’s annual visitor figures is likely to come from

Bias in the air – Lebanon’s political

The politics that have become so divisive on the Lebanese streets have reached the nation’s TV screens, prompting Lebanon’s media council chief Abdel-Hadi Mahfouz to blame certain channels for stoking sectarianism and engaging in political insults. “Media institutions are strongly asked to ease tensions and avoid transmitting news that might lead to strife,” he urged.

Off-roading with Porsche New SUV a dream

Chiclana de la Frontera, SPAIN: One of the perks of working in journalism is going on the occasional press trip. There is an essential quid pro quo to all these arrangements—the client wants to either reward or woo the media—but it is always wrapped in such an elegant package, one forgets that it is all

Of royals and rotors: Choppers taking off

In the Middle East’s market for executive travel, business jets have a well-established presence. Another segment of privileged transportation, one with underused potential, is the market for helicopters. Demand drivers for helicopters in the region have traditionally been oil, royals and defense—three components of a flourishing helicopter market that many Arab countries have no shortage

Driving fast for sales: Nissan stays ahead of the chasing pack

Nissan cars once again topped the regional sales charts. That the brand was able to do this in Lebanon was down to the energy of local agent Rymco, which achieved its projected annual sales targets despite the destruction wrought by the month-long summer war that wiped out a vitally important tourist season. Rymco’s CEO Abdu

Ad agencies enter fray in Beirut Campaigns spark debate

Traditionally advertisement serves as a communication tool to brand and promote a product, yet in recent years its role is less and less restricted to the corporate world. Today, numerous non-governmental organizations, politicians, military, religious groups and even artists have discovered the power of TV ads and billboards to promote their cause. It is the

Paris III comes and goes with massive aid pledged

As far as allegories to dance movements go, the Paris III conference was a grand ballet. President Jacques Chirac pirouetted as leading man and the 37 assembled nations and multilateral institutions performed their numbers for the guests of the hour, namely the Lebanese delegation of Prime Minister Fuad Seniora and his cabinet confidantes. By the

Shifting trade winds Blowing Lebanon’s way

Lebanese trade patterns are in for further changes in 2007, but it’s not armed conflict that will force alternative trade routes on the country’s many importing merchants and exporting manufacturers. Change will come because of world market realities. Overall, according to the numbers currently available from Lebanese customs, the nation’s exports last year developed handsomely