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Something to talk about

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” One could easily argue that in this statement George Bernard Shaw aptly described the affliction of the world of corporate communication for the longest time. Communication is the exchange of information between people. Yet most companies have left out the word

In with the old

While the bulk of Lebanese would not hesitate before buying a secondhand car, most frown upon the idea of purchasing, let alone wearing, secondhand or vintage clothes. Deeply engrained as this attitude may be, secondhand and vintage fashion is on the rise in Beirut.  “I wanted to open a vintage store as I knew that

Artistic vision on Beirut’s streets

Close to Beirut’s Sodeco Square, a painting of a LL100,000 bill has popped up. It’s not an exact replica of the real note. It features a portrait of the late and renowned Lebanese writer, artist and poet Gibran Khalil Gibran.  This is not the first time 20-year-old graffiti artist Yazan Halwani has painted influential cultural

Gurus of globetrotting

In today’s global economy, it is imperative for multinationals and large corporations to develop and maintain an international market to remain competitive. Whereas once upon a time that meant hefty periods of travel in any working calendar, today online meetings and virtual conference calls are beginning to replace the time and expense of travelling. But

‘All we need is stability’

Executive sat with Nicolas Chammas, head of the Beirut Traders Association (BTA), to discuss the performance of the trade sector this year and what can be done to support it through these tough times.  How would you describe the trade sector in the year 2013? 2013 was an extrapolation from 2012 and even more catastrophic

Grapes of worth

"Wine is a way of living; it is your vines, your terroir… You are, first of all a farmer,” says Ramzi Ghosn, co-owner and winemaker at Massaya, one of Lebanon’s leading boutique wineries. Indeed, for most Lebanese wine producers, their work is first and foremost a passion that has also spread the Lebanese wine gospel

Dressing down

It was a common sight this year to see sales assistants lounging on the doorframes of their trendy boutiques in Beirut, sleepily waiting for customers to walk in. Meanwhile, the public was assaulted by a barrage of text messages urging them to benefit from the latest sales, discounts, and ‘unbeatable’ offers. This was a hard

Out of spirits

Given Lebanon’s reputation as the liberal party capital of the Middle East, it is no wonder that alcohol consumption in the country increased by 6.3 percent from 2007 to 2012 and that around 942,000 liters of alcohol were consumed last year, according to figures from the International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR). Yet even this

Hospitality in inhospitable times

As a new year approaches, Lebanon’s hospitality and tourism sector is limping along in a dismal socio-economic situation — severely sprained but not broken. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Tourism, the number of tourists entering the country during the first 9 months of 2013 is down by 10 percent from the