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Chain reaction

Chain reaction

Reading Time: 7 minutes Given that Lebanon’s restaurant market is notoriously fraught with high costs, cutthroat competition and seemingly inane bureaucratic hurdles, it is of little surprise that some of the country’s best known franchises have struck out across the region, in what they say is an effort to not only grow, but to survive. However, with a much

Q&A: Ali Abdallah

Reading Time: 3 minutes E: What was the ministry’s strategy in 2003? AA: This year should see a robust and energetic campaign to promote the Lebanese tourist industry, especially in light of the encouraging figures that were recorded in 2003. Not since 1974, 20 years ago, have we seen over one million visitors and the business that was generated

Battling the ad wars

Reading Time: 5 minutes An uphill battle awaits the advertising sector in 2004 as it struggles to reverse a plunge in revenues – which have dropped roughly 30% since January 2003 – played out against a backdrop of allegations of unfair competition and mafia-like cartels. As another desperate year draws to a close, many in the sector predict financial

Vital cover

Reading Time: 4 minutes April 2003 saw ACAL succeed in reaching a viable framework for the implementation of the 1972 law governing compulsory third party car insurance covering bodily damage. Although some may argue that the early period of implementation may not have been as smooth as one may have hoped for, it did not take long to appreciate

Treading water

Reading Time: 6 minutes By all signs and measures, insurance in Lebanon remains on the slow burner. Business developments and preliminary expected results for 2003 – even a somewhat conclusive performance evaluation based on unaudited results is not possible before next April because far too few members of this sector provide half-year or third-quarter reports – indicate no significant

No season

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ever-optimistic tourist industry insiders contend that 2003 has been a satisfactory year overall and that Lebanon will continue to replace Europe and America as the destination of choice for high-end Gulf Arab tourists in 2004. In reality, however, some major prodding is necessary in the coming year for an underdeveloped sector that needs to overcome

Biting the bullet

Reading Time: 5 minutes “No serious newspaper will survive in Iraq today unless the security situation improves. Advertisers aren’t interested. Locals can’t afford to spend much on a newspaper. As a newspaper owner, you’re in trouble,” said Mark Gordon-James, 25, the former finance director of the BAGHDAD BULLETIN, the English language newspaper that has gone belly-up. Established by a

Money back guarantee

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the first six months of 2003, over $1 million in VAT-refunds have been reimbursed to tourists and non-resident Lebanese. It is estimated that 15,000 tourists, roughly 1.5% of all foreign arrivals, took the time to put their purchases through the Global Refund tax-free shopping system, collecting an average of $66 from new tax-free shopping

It’s all in the name

Reading Time: 4 minutes Did it ever occur to you that your email address could be presenting you in a bad light? Last year, 31 million emails were sent each day. According to the International Data Corporation, by 2006, this number is expected to reach 60 billion, while the number of worldwide email addresses is expected to increase from

Anatomy of an ad campaign: MEA

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Client No doubt about it – Middle East Airlines has had a rough time of it over the last 25 years. Two years ago, the trading value of the Lebanese national carrier was, in the succinct summation of chairman Mohammad El-Hout, (as quoted on the Skytrax news website): “Nil.” Then came September 11 and