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Objects of Desire

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bentley makes its move Saad and Trad have been blowing their trumpet about the new Bentley Continental GT. And why not? There are few names in motoring that match the romance, elegance and sheer brute force served up by Bentley. Today, Bentley is owned by those nice people at VW, who have been selling Bentley

Who’s Following the Leader?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sir Ernest Shakelton and crew spent the years 1914 to 1916 shipwrecked and stranded in pursuit of their dream – reaching Antarctica. The miracle of this story is that they survived. How can a crew of men stranded in one of the most desolate parts of the world, survive in inhumane temperatures and conditions? Leadership!

The art of leadership

Reading Time: 5 minutes How can I become a leader? This question pops up quite often with the assumption that there is some magic formula for leadership lying around somewhere. There isn’t. People want us to tell them “the five easy steps to become a leader”. But, they don’t exist. How great it would be if leadership could be

Home style cookin’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thanks to the rash of various eateries in Beirut, not to mention the ongoing sushi craze, the current trend in Lebanese dining would appear a long way from eating fassulya wu ruz in mom’s kitchen. But that is just the kind of image that La Tabkha – the latest eatery to open its doors in

Need help?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Dear President, Director-General (PDG), Do you know just how high you have soared? Could it be that you have reached an altitude with a dangerously rarefied atmosphere? Could it be that your tower has become so high and so secluded that you no longer see or hear what is happening on TERRA FIRMA? When last

Spinal tap

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hassan, a 38-year-old marketing manager, is talking about his first bout with lower back pain. “It was so bad, I could hardly step off the sidewalk,” he said. “I tried everything. I did stretching and when that didn’t work I rested. I used Deep Heat on the afflicted area. I even thought I had cancer

Fools or angels

Reading Time: 5 minutes The deeper I get into the business of managing change, the deeper my conviction becomes that you must have the blindness of a fool or the quiet wisdom of an angel to succeed. That point was powerfully driven home during the two-day Forum organized by TMS Development in Dublin, Ireland, which brought together 20 international

Oriental bull market

Reading Time: 2 minutes Prices for paintings of Middle Eastern subjects, especially those of the so-called Orientalist school, have soared since the 1973 oil boom, escalating from a mere $3,000 to $500,000 for top-quality works. Today, the record price for an Orientalist work is held by Christie’s for the Ludwig Deutsch’s1892 painting The Palace Guard, which they sold for

The Feng Shui of life

Reading Time: 3 minutes Unlike in the West, where it is all the rage, and the East, where it originated, in Lebanon Feng Shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’), is still clouded by skepticism and ignorance. In a country where buildings spring up without any coherent urban plan, it may be asking too much for people to consider repositioning their front