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December 2017

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Where do we go now?
Lebanese economy heads into 2018 on uncertain footing

Where do we go now?
Lebanese economy heads into 2018 on uncertain footing

Political maneuvering
Talking reform with Sami Atallah of LCPS

Fiscal performance and the debt outlook
Lebanon needs growth oriented policies

In need of new energy
Another year of power cuts

Lebanon’s waste: another ongoing saga
The battle for space, time, and money

Missed connections
Lebanon promises 21st century internet speed

At long last …
A guide to the new election law

A new hope
Small wins create momentum


Five cheers for stability
The banking sector saw limited growth in 2017

From foggy to cloudy
Banking development opportunities for 2018 suffer from opacity and uncertainties

Corporate governance
Increasing female participation at the top will benefit all


A long time since the boom
Real estate sector lowers prices to entice buyers

You can build it, but will they come?
Beirut Central District lies empty


Improving on tradition
Lebanese agro-industry sector is in need of modernization

Of reds, whites, and rosé
Lebanese wines are being recognized increasingly

Food for thought
Potentials of the Lebanese agro-industry subsector

TAQA is a living product
Lessons learned from a healthy Lebanese snack


Predictive analytics and TMI syndromes
Hype and reality of big data, AI, and fintech in startups


The comeback year
Beirut’s five-star hotels talk of a mostly positive 2017

A mature market
Lebanon’s F&B operators share challenges and successes

Diversifying Lebanon’s tourism
What Lebanon needs to attract more than just Gulf tourists

More than one way to cluster
Venture Group discusses its business model and future projects

More than one way to cluster
One woman’s journey in F&B


Deeply dancing diversity of culture
One of Lebanon’s broadest asset bases grows further

The future is film
Together for Lebanon’s cinema industry


Highs and lows
A mixed performance

The long journey of a large retailer
Spinneys keeps expanding in Lebanon


Black clouds in the retail sky
Another challenging year for commerce

Behind the times
Luxury watch market stands still


The rock and the magic beanstalk
2017 saw some progress with human rights, but still not enough

Another year of elusive equality
Lebanon lags on gender parity

Expanding understanding of human rights in Lebanon
The state ignores its economic, social, and cultural duties

Hard and getting harder
Syrian refugees face more struggle