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Aleppo: death from the skies

Photoblog from the chaos of Syria’s biggest city

by Sam Tarling
A woman holds her daughter as a Syrian air force jet bombs the streets surrounding her house in Aleppo’s Ahayderieh neighborhood [Executive/Sam Tarling]
The body of a child is carried from the rubble of a destroyed building after an aerial bombardment in Aleppo’s Ahayderieh neighborhood [Executive/Sam Tarling]
Residents load the body of a woman killed in an airstrike into a van as a government warplane circles overhead. In the background Free Syrian Army fighters fire futilely at the aircraft [Executive/Sam Tarling]
A man films a jet as it passes overhead shortly after it bombed a nearby house [Executive/Sam Tarling]
A Syrian air force jet drops a bomb on Aleppo. Moving across the skies unchallenged, the jets can strike at will anywhere in the city, with devastating effect [Executive/Sam Tarling]
Smoke rises as a rocket explodes on the eastern outskirts of Aleppo [Executive/Sam Tarling]
Civilians of Aleppo are watching their city being torn apart [Executive/Sam Tarling]
Two men inspect the damage after another Syrian air force attack on a residential apartment complex [Executive/Sam Tarling]
The debris of homes blown into the streets make some areas of Aleppo nearly impassable [Executive/Sam Tarling]
Queuing for bread at bakeries like this one in Aleppo can mean risking one’s life, as they have recently become targets for the Syrian air force [Executive/Sam Tarling]
Once a thriving hub for small business, heavy fighting between government troops and the rebels in Aleppo has destroy thousands of livelihoods [Executive/Sam Tarling]
One of the thousands of workshops blown apart in fighting between rebel fighters and regime soldiers [Executive/Sam Tarling]
Civilians are by far paying the heaviest toll in fighting between opposition and government forces in Aleppo. This single air strike in the Tariq Al Bab neighborhood destroyed six homes.
A boy takes a closer look at damaged caused when six houses were destroyed by an aerial bombardment Aleppo’s Tariq Al Bab neighborhood [Executive/Sam Tarling]
A so-called “barrel bomb” dropped from either a plane or helicopter fell through the top floors of this building and exploded on the ground floor, destroying the building and blowing out the walls in six surrounding homes in Aleppo’s Tariq Al Bab neighborhood [Executive/Sam Tarling]
A man weeps after returning to the site where his aunt, uncle, and five nieces and nephews were killed when an airstrike destroyed six homes in Aleppo’s Tariq Al Bab neighborhood [Executive/Sam Tarling]
On a bad day, the sheer volume of casualties causes hospitals to run out of space for the dead. Here, the body of a civilian who was killed by a sniper is left on the floor as doctors treat other patients who they still have a hope of saving, at the Dar a Shafaa hospital in Aleppo’s Tariq Al Bab neighborhood [Executive/Sam Tarling]
As the death toll of the conflict climbs, fresh graves are becoming ever more numerous in cemeteries around Aleppo [Executive/Sam Tarling]

Photoblog from the front lines of Syria’s biggest city

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Sam Tarling was Executive's photographer from 2010 until January 2014. During that period he covered conflicts across the Middle East.

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