Confined to misery

Deplorable conditions for wildlife at ZaZoo City

Executive visited ZaZoo City in Hazmieh disguised as tourists in order to collect photographic evidence of the conditions of the animals held captive there. What we found was appaling: ducks lying in a waterless pool, a tiger trapped in a shade-less cage and a fox asleep next to litter and a pile of its own feces. Several of the animals were suffering from untreated wounds, the cages were dirty, no information was provided about the animals present and no one was available to tour us around. Interview requests by Executive went unanswered.

Greg Demarque

Greg Demarque is a photographer based in Beirut.

Jeremy Arbid

Jeremy is Executive's in house energy and public policy analyst.


  1. Carla kareh said:

    From my point of view and as an animal lover and animal activist I say that this zoo is not a zoo and must be worked seriously on this case to closing the zoo and taking the animals back to their natural habitat where they be able to continue what is left to live in a pridal way. This has to stop and it’s a shame. My name is Carla

  2. Carla kareh said:

    Talk out for those who can’t. Animals are not a show, they have their own pride. Stop this crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

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