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The US approach to Hezbollah and the new Lebanese government

The US approach to Hezbollah and the new Lebanese government

Reading Time: 3 minutes The United States’ approach to Lebanon seeks to reconcile two often conflicting policies: supporting the Lebanese state, army, and government, while pursuing a maximum pressure campaign on Hezbollah. During the past months, the “Iran lens” defining US policy has overshadowed the commitment to supporting stability and building state institutions in Lebanon. This was clear in

A frank, but hopeful, view

Reading Time: 6 minutes Executive spoke with German Ambassador Martin Huth to follow up on Germany’s aid commitment to Lebanon, the development of bilateral economic relations in 2016 and to chart expectations for 2017. E   How much of the money pledged in conferences in the beginning of the year did Germany contribute to humanitarian and development needs of

Limited reset

Reading Time: 10 minutes For relations between the UK and the European Union, 2016 was a year of total reboot. Half a year after the historic Brexit vote, details of what the actual Brexit deal will be are still unclear. However, with little impact on the relations between the UK and Lebanon, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s ambassador is