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The surge of COVID-19 cases in Lebanon

The surge of COVID-19 cases in Lebanon

The article below was written two days before the massive explosion that occured at the Beirut Port on Tuesday, August 4, just after 6 p.m, killing at least 154 people and injuring over 5,000. Its author, Dr. Lilian Ghandour, is thankfully safe, as is all the Executive team. The damage to some of our homes

Executive Magazine’s June issue

As the Lebanese crisis of insufficient politics, imperiled economy, impaired liquidity, and quarrelsome financial behaviors is limping toward its next pain point, the topics of banking and financial restructuring are taking center stage. The judicial and organizational implications for the banking industry are vital for the future of Lebanon’s economy. As always in our June

Q&A with actuary Ibrahim Muhanna on insurance liabilities amid economic crisis

Practically every private household in Lebanon relies on one or other insurance service, beginning with the mandatory protection of motorists under third-party liability insurance or savings schemes offered by life insurers. Services such as health and pension insurance are becoming focuses of attention as the country’s healthcare and employment systems are increasingly challenged. Commercial lines

Growing trend of individual or community planting in Lebanon

As prices of both imported and locally produced food items continue to increase and Lebanon’s food security is potentially threatened (see articles on agro-industry and food security), the old Lebanese proverb “fellah mekfi, sultan mikhfi”—which roughly translates to “a satisfied farmer is really a sultan”—rings true. Knowing how and being able to grow one’s own